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Meet James Longman from London who moved to LA 1 year ago to pursue Television Producing on the Late Late show with James Corden

Was there a particular reason you chose LA?

I have been working in comedy TV for several years on such shows as Friday Night Project, Big Brother’s Big Mouth, Alan Carr Chatty Man and Never Mind The Buzzcocks but got offered a role producing the guest comedy segments on The Late Late Show with James Corden

I have always wanted to work in the US and this was too good an opportunity to turn down. My job is to come up with ideas for and to produce sketches with celebs like Matt Damon, Ryan Reynolds, Renee Zellwegger, Ice Cube and Zach Galifianakis to name a few.

What do you miss most from home?
Other than the standard things (friends, family), I am a huge West Ham fan, so I miss going to matches to watch us (lose) every week. On March 4th, I am putting on a
screening of the new West Ham documentary called ‘Iron Men’ about the move from the Boleyn Ground to The Olympic Stadium.
The film is great, and I thought the screening is a brilliant opportunity to bring sports fans together to share in the passion and the ups and downs of supporting a team. It should appeal to anyone who loves sport/passion, or anyone who loves documentary.

What was your first impression of LA and has it changed since? 
It felt quite daunting at first but now I’m getting to know the areas, it feels more manageable and welcoming. I used to zip around on a scooter in London, so needing a car was a new experience. Other than people trying to kill me on the roads, I’m starting to feel more settled.

What do you find the biggest difference is living here versus London?
In London, my work was always very social, and people would be out lots of nights during the week. As there isn’t an amazing commuting system here like the tube, you can’t just jump on the train after a few beers. It's such a driving culture here. Everyone here is also a lot more clean living - when I first started at work, I suggested us all going out and one of the guys agreed and said he was organizing a hike! That wasn’t quite what I meant. Often I will go to a comedy club and the majority of people are sat there with water - you’d get kicked out of a comedy club in London for that!

Do you have a hidden gem in LA that you want to share with us?
I’m not a huge baseball fan but I walked past a tiny LA dodgers shop on Hyperion in Los Feliz the other day. Just a small room full of knick knacks and curiosities. I’m not even sure it was a store as it wasn’t open but it looked like something out of time. I’ve just tried to find it on Google and can’t - that’s how hidden it is!

Food wise, my wife and I love Mare on Melrose (and soon to be in our neck of the wood, Los Feliz too) - have to queue but they serve you with toasted cheese sarnies as you wait - win win. And the tacos out here have been a game changer for me…

What would you suggest to others who are thinking about making the move here?

There are a lot of minor annoyances moving country - Little Britain’s “computer says no” is never more relevant than here: 
the banking system feels antiquated (who still gets paid in cheques?!), getting a car, this weird credit rating they are hung up on, have I mentioned people will try and kill you on the road? but once you get past all of that, the weather is great and you’re never more than 3 hours from the beach / ski-ing in the mountains / hanging by the pool in the desert / hiking up hills. Career wise, LA makes you feel like things can happen. It’s exciting. 

Lots of our members join our group Brits in LA seeking out words of wisdom - what is the best piece of advice you've been given?
Try and not be too British. It’s not generally in our nature to be direct, overly confident and out going, so you have to really push yourself. You don’t need to be arrogant but you should believe in what you can do, and then do it (or at least try to and valiantly fail).

Lastly, how can we find out more about you ? Are you working on anything at the moment ?
The Late Late Show is on Monday to Fridays on CBS and you can obviously subscribe to our channel on YouTube.

I am currently working on a feature script for a horror film after we made a short which got into the BFI London Film Festival.

Also, if you are keen to go to the Iron Men Screening on March the 4th,(and don't mind West Ham / football fans!),
 please drop me a line on or follow me on Twitter at @longers1. I tweet a lot of nonsense but mainly bits from my show / film / tv and sport.

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If you would like a private reading with Anne you can contact her via

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Stargazing with Annie Shaw


If life at work is not all it could be look at the positive side of things as we move into the end of the  month the planet of luck Jupiter will open new doors which you will enjoy opening. Your boss Mars is visiting you and sending good vibrations.

Your emotions are probably in a mess currently. It is more than likely a past situation that has brought things up and this will be resolved for your highest good if you take action soonest. Do not make work your sole purpose.

Take time out maybe with a trusted friend and figure out what direction you need to follow in your personal life for the best long term outcome. You are making decisions based on past situations this is a fruitless decision.

Just when you thought all was settled from the past something or some one can turn up on your doorstep. Should this be the case, when in doubt do nothing. If you know what you should do then go for it.  

You may be involved in a family drama if so and it is your problem quickly takes control.  If this is an ongoing situation it can cause you to feel stressed out to say the least. You will feel better mid week. 

Because everything in life is a lesson and you may be looking for help to guide you through this period .Look back at how far you have come since mid last year, when you do life will seem sweeter.

Mars the planet of fire is sitting opposite you in Aries and this is going to lift your spirits this next week .With this energy behind you much can be achieved. Though life can be trying at times you have the stamina to move through it with grace.

The sun in your cousin sign Pisces later in the week will soften things up a lot. Your thoughts are likely on romance and financial areas .By the end of the month life is looking better all round. Have faith in another who seems to have let you down.

Your boss Jupiter is moving backwards now .This will bring up some unfinished business for you. Be cautious in word and deed and do not put you foot in your mouth if you want to avoid further problems. On the up side positive energy will abound.

The sun soon to enter Pisces will assist you to get the job done. This next couple of weeks tries to open space to complete a long over due job or project. Along with this comes news of a cash flow improvement. You will also be lucky, so buy that lottery ticket.

You are probably feeling like a break away from work after a hectic birthday month. If you can take time to go away for a few days’ great, if not even a day away 
will refresh you. Then you will start your personal new year on a positive note. 

Jupiter will be assisting you all through the next month to help you get your life on track in what ever area it needs to be fixed. Your family is much on your mind and will be fine by the end of the month. Try to not stress too much over things. 

Happy Birthday!

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Odyssey Theatre, In Association with The KOAN Unit
Beckett5- Act Without Words II, ome and Go, Catastrophe, Footfalls, Krapp’s Last Tape.
Review by Catherine Siggins, for Brits in LA
30 January 2017

It seemed somehow fitting that the weather should have been suitably damp and Irish for the opening weekend of the KOAN Unit’s production of BECKETT5, a selection of 5 very different short plays by Samuel Beckett at the Odyssey Theatre.
What unifies these plays is Beckett’s lifelong exploration into the Sisyphean condition of man. His characters struggle, are trapped, and repeat patterns, without really knowing why, except that one must go on, until one simply doesn’t.
In “Act Without Words II”, two unspeaking figures A and B get goaded from their sleep. Each alone, they don’t interact, but go through the motions of their different lives, at times dragging the other across the floor; A, apathetically, B with energy. Glass half empty, glass half full.
Then there’s “Come and Go”, a play with a few words, 121 words to be exact. Three women sit in a pool of light, their faces obscured. They mostly sit in silence, trapped in formality, nostalgic for their youth, when love and marriage was a shared dream, which never came to pass. Each will get to know a secret about her two friends, but unaware of her own plight. Together alone.   
In “Catastrophe”, an authoritarian Director, and assistant, put the last touches to a staged event, which is only a Man standing on a box, manipulated, and made wretched, for the ruling audience’s pleasure. However at the end he shows his face, reasserting his humanity and freewill. It’s one of Beckett’s few political pieces dedicated to the then imprisoned playwright, Vaclav Havel, whose political philosophy was of anti-consumerism, humanitarianism, environmentalism, civil activism, and direct democracy, and who was instrumental in expanding NATO membership eastward. It resonates especially today.
A tattered ashen woman in “Footfalls” obsessively paces back and forth in a hallway, talking to her mother through a door. She stops only to answer her or tell a story. Her mothers disembodied voice can be heard, though as the play advances one wonders if it is not just a figment of the girl’s imagination, or two ghosts in a haunting. Past manifest in the present.
Krapp’s Last Tape, the most autobiographical of Beckett’s plays, let’s you watch awareness dawn in an old man’s eyes of how his decisions as a younger man, to choose his work over love and companionship, have left him alone, with only his recorded voice for company. It speaks to today’s anxiety and despair, felt by many much younger, when reviewing their social media presence against their desires and expectations, and their growing feeling of isolation in the digital age.
The KOAN Unit members, Alan Abelew, Diana Cignoni, Sheelagh Cullen, Beth Hogan, and Norbert Weisser playing Krapp, successfully bring their combined years of experience to the demands of Beckett’s writing. Director Ron Sossi and the production team have chosen to not stray from Beckett’s original staging and presentation, keeping the set design minimal, and lighting as dictated by Beckett, though Mr. Sossi has changed up the casting, giving Elizabeth Hogan two of the lead male roles, and allowed costume designer Audrey Eisner some freedom in Come and Go, clothing the women in bright pastel outfits reminiscent of the 50’s. He has also made Act Without Words II more a nod to silent film, then a mime.
If Beckett is your thing, this production makes for an engaging evening, and these short plays are a great way to experience a broad spectrum of Beckett’s exploration of life, death, loneliness, alienation and futility, and always with some wonderful dark humor.
BECKETT5 performances through March 5, 2017. Running time: 1 hour 45 minutes, with 15-minute intermission.

Brits in LA Newsletter

Greetings Britlings!

This past week I was in New York City editing my film @asst_ so being locked up in a darkened edit bay for 12 hours each day didn’t give me much room for inspiration. However I did get a chance to get out and see a couple of Broadway shows. The first was an amazing new musical called “Dear Evan Hansen” – a story of how even the smallest of lies can have the hugest impact.
It’s a wonderful show that I highly recommend and not just for the main actor Ben Platt, whose physicality and emotional journey will have you mesmerized from start to finish. I smell Tony in his future for sure. The other play I saw was the classic revival of “Sunset Boulevard” with the marvelous Glenn Close as Norma Desmond. I had never actually seen any of the previous productions. Patty Lupone originated the role in London in the summer of 1993 while Glenn got the nod for the first Stateside production, at the Schubert Theatre in Century City just a few months later, before the production moved to Broadway where Close won a Tony for her performance.
   The evening was like a throwback to Broadway’s golden age; the audience erupted when Close first appeared on stage, and when it was all over she even took FOUR curtain calls in perfect diva style. She totally embodied the role. It’s a terrific play and I loved that they have the orchestra on the stage the whole time too. Definitely worth seeing if you are in NY.
After a couple of days back in the City of Angels I’m suffering from some devilish flu! So as to not infect my loved ones with the lurgy I have reverted to walking around with a mask in the style of Michael Jackson….or a Japanese tourist. I am a conscientious sicky. I might look silly, but at least I’m cautious. I also went to the doc and got a course of antibiotics and cough syrup, I’m taking plenty of vitamin C, fluids and rest.

But I did manage to go to the opening of 946: The Amazing story of Adolpho Tips at The Wallis Annenberg Center of Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, from the British Knee High Company, who brought us Brief Encounter a few years ago. The Show runs till March 5th 2017

Not to get all political, but it seems like Saturday Night Live are having a whale of a time being satirical, Trump and his band of merry men are providing oodles of source material for them – Melissa McCarthy’s portrayal of Sean Spicer was spot on last weekend and it seems Rosie O’Donnell is working on her impression of Steve Bannon. Can’t wait to see that one. Because let’s face it, in times like this we all could do with a good laugh.

Poster photography by Walter Tabayoyong.

Which leads me nicely to The Toscars. I am very honored to be hosting the show this year, following in the footsteps of Jai Rodriguez, Brian Dunkleman, Candis Cayne and Alex Newell. The event is set for Feb 22nd at The Renberg Theatre, located on McCadden Place in Hollywood. Tickets are priced at $100 and include open bar, food, screening, awards and laughter. Celebrity presenters include Lily Tomlin, Cynthia Bailey from the Real Housewives Of Atlanta and others currently being added to the mix. The sponsors are Beltran Brito Immigration Attorneys, Deep Eddy Vodka and Final Draft. Thanks to Cole Haan and Tikkun Spa for prizes for the winners. For tickets to attend visit or click on the Image above.
We look forward to seeing you there and celebrating our tenth year of silliness!
Cheers, have a good week and stay healthy!
Craig Young

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