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Monday, October 20, 2014


Meet Chloe Farnworth from Herefordshire who moved to LA 9 months ago to pursue acting.
photography:Glen Wilkins
Was there a particular reason you chose LA? Well LA has so much to offer, i find it an incredible and fascinating city to live in, its a bit like being on a exciting roller coaster each day! And having grown up in the countryside and spending the last 6 years in London, Los Angeles offers this amazing city life yet in the country side too, Which i LOVE….
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What one thing do you miss from home? There are a lot of things I miss from the UK and trying to just chose one is pretty hard! But I will say apart from family and friends, I really miss the seasons of the year, especially Autumn and wearing a coat and hat walking through London as the evenings are getting darker!
What do you find the biggest difference is living here versus London ? The weather is crazy here, its so hot everyday and although I like the sun I burn very easily so I end up buying so much sun screen so I don't look like a burnt radish everyday. The other thing I would say is, that here I spend so much time driving, but luckily I really enjoy driving  and now have become quiet a fan of cars since moving here!
(Readers, you are probably picturing this ......
photography:Discover Los Angeles

photography: NBC LosAngeles

.....but it is often a little more like this!)

Do you have a hidden gem in LA that you want to share with us? Recently I've just completed filming a movie called Steps.
photography: Steps (directed by Fernando Sanchez and Pascual Sisto)
One of the shoot days we were filming down at The Pacific Mariners Yacht Club in Marina Del Rey, It's so beautiful down there and you can rent boats and kayaks.
So for anyone who likes being on the water I would head there and although I love being on boats, the 12 hours I spent out at sea filming, was 12 hours of sea sickness, So it might be a  while be for I'm back…
What would you suggest to others who are thinking about making the move here ? I would say make your you plan a good bit before you come out and have the right visa or green card. *Buy a car as soon as you get here and just plan plan plan. Los Angeles really is a great place to live and if you do it right it will be awesome!
Lastly , how can we find out more about you ? You can find out more about me, on my IMDB Page, TwitterFacebook, Instagram and my Blog

Weekly Horoscope from Anne Shaw

Stargazing with Annie Shaw



This is a good time to make discoveries about yourself and the world around you. So do take a trip, even overnight would be ok as you will change the energy around you. Mercury is strolling backwards so look for an unfinished past to pop up.

With Venus your “boss” going into your money area and also affecting your relationships both will be on your mind. What is the priority, best thing to do is start with the biggest one that needs to be re evaluated.

You will be looking at the world in a different way than you have for some time soon. Then finances will no longer be so much on your mind. Mercury your boss moving backwards will bring up unfinished business of any kind.

You are very intent this week or so on stating what is on your mind and probably if you are not careful it will rebound on you so be careful who you confront. You may not like what happens. However Mercury is moving forward will help

You will find this week that you are more able to reach out to others who you feel deserve some of your warm attention. Do not judge just be there that’s all that’s needed right now. Your health should be a priority right now.

Things could be a little faster paced than you like recently however this is only a test of how you handle yourself. Come November and then you will be glad you were prepared. You may want to lay low this week ahead.


If all in relationships is not as you wish, this is the time to look in the mirror and see the truth .What do you see, are you are judging or feeling sorry for yourself ? This is a lesson best learned quick as now is your new year. Happy Birthday.

The events of the past few weeks could been bit overwhelming and  you will probably not know what you are feeling. Its tired that’s all,  and if you relax around positive people life will be sweet . The new moon Eclipse in your sign is very positive.
Take the bull by the horns and this week ahead should be the right time, if you have any financial situation pending take the bull by the horns and get moving . While you waiting keep busy helping others and give yourself a little treat.

If you are hanging on waiting for some kind of decision from another don’t wait . Take action on your own behalf and make the result you are looking for .You are the motivating force now in a good way.

Well what will happen in life if you sit around and wait for something to happen? Probably nothing of importance. Go out and make waves is best, as this part of the year is ripe for you to make the changes.


Its all work and no play for you this week so do what has to be done and do not  allow others to tell you how or what to do it . Its time to make life a bit more interesting and its right around the corner if you want to look. At the end of the month look for romance.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

British Acts Gigging in LA

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October 24th
October 25th
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El Rey Theatre

October 27th
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(music from the films of Tim Burton)
Nokia Theatre, L.A Live
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The Greek Theatre - October 20th
The Fox Theatre, Pomona - October 21st
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The Forum
October 31st
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The Troubadour
November 5th
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The Forum

November 6th
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(W/ Steel Panther)
Nokia Theatre
Judas Priest
November 10th
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The Troubadour
November 10th, SOLD OUT
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The Theatre at Ace Hotel

November 12th
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Shrine Auditorium

Novemver 19th
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THE 1975
The Hollywood Palladium

November 19th
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The Glass House, Pomona
Peter Hook and the Light
November 24th
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Fox Theatre, Pomona

November 21st
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The Forum, Inglewood
November 28/29th
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The Belasco theatre

December 1st
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The Roxy
December 3rd
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The Roxy
December 9th
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December 19 & 20th
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The Wiltern

February 18th
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Honda Center - Sept 16th 2015
Staples Center - Sept 21st 2015
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Tickets for Staples Center here

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Haunted California: British Ghosts, Murders and Mysteries

Haunted California: British Ghosts, Murders and Mysteries

James Bartlett

As any new Brit in the USA will notice... Halloween is a much bigger deal here. It’s a great excuse to dress up, eat candy to excess and have a few too many beers without judgment, but it’s also a non-denominational event.

Courtesy of
It’s often linked with the Mexican Dia De Los Muertos or “Day of The Dead,” which occurs on November 1 and 2 and is an official holiday where people come together to pray and remember family members who have passed on, but for the 500,000 people who will be swarming the largest Halloween event in the world in West Hollywood, California, that probably won’t matter, so we decided to list a few famous California ghosts, murders and mysteries – all of them with a British connection.  


Firstly, there’s no more famous sign of Hollywood than the Hollywood sign itself. Built by London-born sign-makerThomas Fisk Goff and originally saying “Hollywoodland,” it was meant to lure buyers to the area and was unveiled in 1923.

Now of course it means something very different, and for Port Talbot-born Peg Entwistleit was the place the struggling actress decided to take her final bow. On September 18, 1932, after leaving a suicide note with her shoes, purse and jacket, she climbed a workman’s ladder to the top of the “H” and jumped to her death.

Contemporary reports say that her blond-haired ghost can be seen and heard there, though she did become famous posthumously, and recently it was announced that they’re making a film of her life. 


IHollywood proper you’ll find Musso &, a classic Old School eaterie that’s closing in on 100 years on Hollywood Boulevard, and has barely changed in that time. Inside it feels like you’ve stepped into a film noir, and with its reputation for being fiercely private, everystar of movies, TV, radio, theatre and literature has eaten here – and many still do.

“Little Tramp” Charlie Chaplin had his favorite booth (number 1 in the Old Room; the only one with a window view), and people say that he’s still at his culinary post. You’ll have to decide for yourself whether this “orb” picture – a kind of “man in the moon” idea – does indeed show an angry face looking down at the people in his booth.

There’s a more recent ghost sighting though, as current co-owner Jordon Jones relates in the book Gourmet Ghosts – Los Angeles www.gourmetghosts.comIgnacio Soriano is one of my grill counter men, and he works late,” he explains. “One time he came to me and said he had seen “La mujer sin cabeza” – (an apparition or ghost) of a woman without a head.


Moving down to Sunset Boulevard and you’ll find The Cat & Fiddle pub, a noted Brit hangout – especially for musicians. It was opened by “British Invasion” musician Kim Gardener and his wife Paula in Laurel Canyon in 1982 and came here just two years later, and though Kim died in 2001, it’s still a family business.
Photo by: James Bartlett

A heaven for UK soccer, darts, Scotch eggs, Cornish pasties and impromptu gigs on their gorgeous patio, “legendary” security guard Michael Savage can tell stories he’s heard of ganglandmurders from the 1930s and 1940sbut for him “The Smoking Man” he first saw by the arched front gate in 2006 could only be one person.

“He was smoking a cigarette – I saw the orange glow – and had his arms folded,” recalled Savage. “And then suddenly he was gone. But he was right at the very place where Kim would go for a cigarette.


If you’ve had enough of candy corn (ugh!) and Tootsies (yum!), maybe a visit to Griffith Park is just the ticket. Home to the L.A. Zoo, riding schools, train rides, hiking trails and a carousel, a quick search online also reveals that it’s the location for murders, accidents and even animal attacks. There are ghosts here it seems – and even the park’s namesake was shrouded in tragic mystery. 

Griffith J. Griffith was born in Bettws, Glamorganshire, in 1850and immigrated to the US as a teenager, quickly building up a fortune in mining. In 1896 he donated 4000 acres of Rancho Los Feliz to the city, who renamed the park in his honor, but then in 1903 he shot and disfigured his wife and was sent to San Quentin prison for two years.

Donations of more land did nothing to save his reputation, and even his dreams for the Greek Theatre and the Griffith Observatory only came to life after he had died.

To really get away from it all you can go down to Long Beach,where there’s a grand old Scottish lady who attracts millions of visitors. Built in Clydebank, Scotland, the luxurious RMS Queen Mary sailed the North Atlantic Ocean from 1936 onwards, and later did WWII service before retiring in 1967 and ultimatelydocking at Long Beach.

Ignoring the mazes and monsters of their notorious Dark Harbor attraction  you can step on board and be washed into a whirl of history as you stroll the decks. Sadly there’s no escape from the ghost stories behind her 2,000 portholes though; there are year-round supernatural and ghost tours here , and during WWII she was even temporarily named The Grey Ghost.

There are many, many more stories afloat here – from rumors of how many people died during her construction to the truth of a horrific wartime tragedy – but one captured on film and revealed for the first time in Gourmet Ghosts – Los Angeles deals with the idea of a supernatural vortex that’s supposed to be on board.
Located at a doorway where a tragic accident occurred, it’s for you to decide what this is and what it might mean, but either way, come October 31st in California (and across the country), you’re going to have to be ready to hear tales that will make you tingle. Happy Halloween!

--- Gourmet Ghosts – Los Angeles is available on Amazon and iTunes and across L.A. Author James T. Bartlett also writes signing books at the LA County Store in Silver Lake on October 26 and Burbank Airport October 30. For more information go to 


Meet Elizabeth Knowelden from London who moved to LA four years ago to pursue her acting career....

Was there a particular reason you chose LA ?

Absolutely. I had worked predominantly in theatre in the UK and wanted to stretch myself further into tv and film work. While I love both London and New York, Los Angeles remains the main hub for screen projects. Casting can move so quickly, I thought it best to plant myself right in the center of it all. Plus the sunshine and palm trees help.
Courtesy of

What one thing do you miss from home?

My loved ones. There can be certain sacrifices to making such a move to America, but thankfully I'm very close with my family and friends and we make the effort to bridge the gaps.

What do you find the biggest difference is living here versus the UK?

Well, it's a completely different lifestyle. There's a much more relaxed vibe, but at the same time, a very strong work ethic. One of the things I connect to most in America is the optimism. I love meeting people here who are like-minded, open, hard working and excited about the future.

Do you have a hidden gem in LA that you want to share with us?

Everybody should look at the Blank Theatre in Hollywood. Daniel Henning and Noah Wyle have created an intimate space with beautiful plays. In addition to their main stage productions, every summer they hold the Young Playwright's Festival, which is a wonderful event, showcasing and nurturing writers at the start of their careers. If you want to see some terrific theatre, go to The Blank.

What would you suggest to others who are thinking about making the move here ?

Definitely come out here first and take LA for a test drive. Research, have a plan and remember to save as much as you can financially, as setting yourself up can be very expensive, especially for the first year. Then, stay positive and if you're ready to make the move, go for it! Also, remember that if leaving seems too much and you'd rather stay closer to home, there's always a way to make it work where you are. Just be creative, think outside the box and don't take no for an answer.

Lastly, how can we find you on the Internet ? 

Monday, October 6, 2014


Meet Cerris Morgan-Moyer from Cornwall who moved to LA thirteen years ago to pursue acting.

photography: Nick Toren
Was there a particular reason you chose LA?
It was a natural progression west from NYC and London.  After training at Central School of Speech and Drama, I completed a BA at Sarah Lawrence College in New York (I was born with dual citizenship to a Cornish father and American mother and decided to take advantage of the possibilities as soon as possible), then moved to NYC where I worked in theatre and independent film. During the summer of 2001 I visited my now-husband Caley O’Dwyer in Los Angeles, was in a play at the Los Angeles Theatre Center and returned to NYC to consider a move out west.   September 11th of that year was obviously devastating.  Next to the citywide, national and global tragic impact, the fact that I lost a lot of work there seems trivial, but it added to the catalysts already in place for me to come to Los Angeles - the others being love, and a different culture of acting work.  I sublet my apartment in Brooklyn and thought I’d try out Los Angeles for a year.  Still here!

What one thing do you miss from home?
Friends, family and British chocolate.  To me these constitute one thing ;)

 What do you find the biggest difference is living here versus East Portholland?
After you get past the obvious differences between Los Angeles and a 30 person hamlet on the beach in Cornwall, I’d say the main difference is outlook on life.  Culturally, there’s less of a safety net here and more wild west entrepreneurship.  Cornwall, as the most western tip of mainland UK, is its own wild west, don’t get me wrong: supremely creative and pioneering.  But there is nothing quite like the daily culture of reinvention in this country and particularly in this city.

photography: Cornwall Online

Do you have a hidden gem in LA that you want to share with us?
Not so hidden, but one of my favourite things to do when visitors come is to drive the length of Mulholland at twilight as sunset fades and the lights start to come out.  Such a vista across both the Valley and south and west towards the Pacific!  Good for perspective and bearings 

What would you suggest to others who are thinking about making the move here ? 
Be prepared for acclimatizing to take some time.  Los Angeles is an investment - because it’s so spread out, it takes longer to get to know than other cities, and longer to find your tribe.  It’s also a city of dreamers, so it’s easy to lose sight of the practical necessities for fulfilling your own particular dream:  be as prepared as you can be for those practicalities (save up, research, get to know yourself).  Once you’re here, ENJOY IT!  Honestly, I’ve found the chapter I’ve lived here to be the most creative of my life so far.  So many wonderful creative souls have found their way here, and because Los Angeles lacks that central hub and community aspect of cities like London and NYC (at the very least due to square mileage and public transportation), initially we’re all having to dig deep and find our own creative voices to then contribute to the world around us.  It’s a beautiful journey and a gorgeous place to be doing it! 

And here’s the wonderful TRUTH:  Because of the fantastic community generated and hosted by Eileen Lee and Craig Young with Brits in LA, it’s so much easier to get connected and organized so you can enjoy all the glorious benefits of LA without the headaches!!

Lastly, how can we find out more about you ? Are you on the Internet ?
I host an industry chat show – ActorsE Chat on Actors Entertainment and Actors Reporter: 
You can also find me at:

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Review for COCK

Rogue Machine Theatre, Monday 22 Sept.  2014

Reviewer Catherine Siggins

With a title like COCK, you might expect to see a sexually explicit production about the exploits and uses of the male sexual organ. Instead what you get is fully-clothed verbal sword fighting in Mike Barltett’sOlivier award-winning tragicomedy about identity and sexual desire.

John (Patrick Stafford), is a young man in a gayrelationship with an older man, M (Matthew Elkins). When John decides he needs to leave the relationship, he meets the feminine and lonely W (Rebecca Mozo), and he falls in love. Conflicted and confused by his feelings, John runs back to M, seeking the help of his former boyfriend to understand what is happening and whyis willing to forgive, and suggests that all three meet for dinner, so they can discuss it all like civilized adults. Both M and W are eager to help John reach a decision, as both think he is going to choose in their favor. What happens is the dinner party turns into a war for emotional supremacy. As M puts it, it’s the ultimate bitch fight. The arrival of M’s father (Gregory Itzin) doesn’t help either. John is pressured into making a choice, but more then that, into deciding “what he is” sexually. Like a child stuck between warring parents, he is being guilt tripped into making an impossible decision, and for John it has devastating results.

Bartletts dialogue is barbed, witty and gets straight to the point, essentially an ultra-modern comedy ofmanners stripped of the drawing-room. Bartlett raises the interesting question of identity, and how we are defined by our sexual preferences in society. Bartlett said he wrote the play as a reaction to why we still feel pressurized into naming what sexual bracket we belong: Gay, Straight or Bi, when really we should be saying ‘I am what I am, and what I am needs no excuses”. As John says ‘“it’s about who the person is. Not man or woman but what they’re like.”

Staged in a small space at Rough Machine Theatre on Pico, the set consists of 3 rows of seating in the round, and a performance space no more then 15 feet in diameter, very much like a cock fighting ring. With no set dressing or props, only the four actors and taut dialogue, it is all about the characters and their dilemma. Scenic Designer, Stephen Gifford, has chosen to boldly decorate the space using visually striking bright emerald green on every surface, walls, floor, seats, painted with a pattern of three Keith Haring-esque lines. This very intimate in-your-facesetting highlights the performers, who manoeuvrephysically and verbally around each other, and it creates the feeling of entrapment John feels internally. More then that, the focus is put directly on the ideas being explored, and the tactics couples use on each other in relationships to maintain control or the status quo.

Under Cameron Watson’s direction, all four performers are riveting to watchPatrick Stafford gives a moving and intense performance as the wide-eyed man-child, John, hungry for unconditional love and safety, eventually brought to his knees, sobbing, silenced with paralyzing indecision. Rebecca Mozo is both girlish and grounded, giving W allure and strength in equal measure, and leaves no doubt as to why she attracts John. Matthew Elkins’ sizzles as peevish stock-broker, M, multi-layered, astute, operatic, vulnerable and highly entertaining, he never misses a beat, and Gregory Itzin gives a touching performance as his father, F, who struggled to accept his son’s homosexuality, but now is enthusiastically onboard, while still maintaining his old school sexism.

Monday, September 29, 2014



Brits in LA can save 20%* on tickets with Promo Code 25486

20% off valid for the Friday, November 7 at 7:30 p.m. and the Sunday, November 9 at 2:00 p.m. performance only in the following sections: Main Orchestra, Center Mezzanine, Front Orchestra Ring and Orchestra Ring only. Other restrictions may apply. No refunds, cancellations or exchanges. Offer expires. October 24, 2014.

Formed in 2001, BalletBoyz® (previously George Piper Dances) is the brainchild of former Royal Ballet dancers Michael Nunn and William Trevitt. Described by The Guardian as “a paradox of muscular impact and weightless flight,” the all-male company’s evocative style sets new standards for dance as the company graces the stage with ferocity, strength and determination, as well as tremendous elegance and poise.

Now entering its second decade, Nunn and Trevitt have re-energized the BalletBoyz dynamic by selecting and training 10 young male dancers from all walks of life. The present membership is drawn from just about every contemporary dance school in the country: Laban, Northern Contemporary, Rambert, The Place, and that well-known vocational hotspot, secondary school. Trevitt explains to Dancingtimes, “...we particularly wanted to have dancers from different backgrounds, not necessarily just with classical training... ones that our eyes were drawn to: with some kind of charisma, a particular movement, an ability or style.”

See this innovative company take the stage at The Music Center’s Ahmanson Theatre for three performances only!