Brit Songstress Susan Boyle Tops the US charts!

She had a dream! Boy she dreamed big and it paid off! - Susan Boyle Gives Talor a swift kick out of top spot with her christmas themed album "The gift."
I found this awesome photoshop-per -who decided to give SU-BO a make over in celebration! Congrats Susan, you deserve it!

Susan Boyle became a YouTube phenomenon last year with over 400 million views of her audition on Britain’s Got Talent. Her beautiful and completely unexpected performance of "I Dreamed a Dream" won the world over, and now she is as successful as The Beatles!
Well, as successful as you can be in one year. Her first album, I Dreamed a Dream, went to number one in the U.S. and the U.K. earlier this year. Now she has done it again with her second album The Gift, which was released Sunday.
She is the first female artist to have released two number one albums in the same year -- an accomplishment only The Beatles and The Monkeys had achieved up until now. She even beat out Taylor Swift’s new record, Speak Now, for the number one spot.
Britain's Got Talent judge Simon Cowell called Boyle, "My superwoman," and says he is thrilled for her success.
Boyle says of her accomplishment, "I've never felt happier in all my life. This is an amazing result and one I never expected," quotes The Guardian.


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