Wow! I had high expectations, well, okay, not really, but was looking forward to some good songs and dance numbers at least. But to be honest did Steven Antin not learn anything from Showgirls and Glitter? Two disastrous dance/ musicals of years past. Poor Cher, this was her come back! in a recent interview with Vanity fair, she talks about how she envies Meryl Streep's talent. Yup! Snap out of it, Cher! and poorer Christina, pipes of Etta James, acting chops of Jenna James. Granted she wasn't helped by the cliched and predictable writing. Stanley Tucci takes a turn as the same character he played in 'Devil wears prada'. Oh he does gay so well! Well anyway Steven Antin is no Rob Marshall is all I can say! and 'Burlesque' will remain like Cher, timelessly left on the shelf for another decade to be dusted off and reinvented into showgirls 2- D.O.A. (Dead on arrival) The only saving graces are the hairstyles that allowed us to invent a new drinking game - we have to do shots every time a new wig is introduced (Thanks to Martin Samuel, BLA member British Celebrity Hair designer, see above clip) we would get absolutely wasted!! Carry a keg, you'll need it to just get though it~!


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