I woke up Lazy - We decided to go into the town and do a little more investigating -- we happened upon the Ojai Museum, they were exhibiting Otto Heino a master potter that passed away last year - His work is very abstract and practical at the same time - Really beautiful - we ended up buying a beautiful pottery plaque  - $900 lets hope its worth more some day -Nah -it's beautiful and well worth it! wine tasting was next on the agenda - Oh Boy! Michael my swigging partner barely let the wine touch the sides before he was on to the next one - and i have to admit after an hour I was pretty buzzed - Casa Barranca on the main strip is the place to be - We tasted about 8 flights for $20 really good - our guide Ricky, was awesome, amazingly informative but informal - There are a lot of flies in Ojai (don't know why) but he was a master at catching 'em  - 5 out of 11 dead, not bad in an hour. - He liked us a lot - Not just because we spent $400 on wine - A good day for those guys, no doubt, but well worth it - Buy the arts and crafts red ($25 a bottle) 59% cabernet sauv, 32% cab franc and 9% Sangiovese - it's delicious! Whats best is their wine is all unfiltered and no sulfites - which results in no hang over. result!
A few hours at the pool followed - reading 'The girl who played with fire' - I'm a fan of reading the books before the movies. A little snooze fest followed by dinner at night at Paul Newman's favorite restaurant 'The ranch house' great wine list but the food and ambiance leaved a lot to be desired. over priced and not worth it.

I couldn't wait to get back to the hotel and pick up my book.


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