I know most people like to do 'the family at home thing' at thanksgiving, but there are definite advantages to eating out. For one no washing up. no overcooking the stuffing,  no pressure to entertain. Well this year I was lucky enough to spend thanksgiving with a few good friends at one of Hollywood's stable  restaurants 'Off Vine.' which is essentially an old home on Leland ave, South of Sunset (Off vine; hence the name)

For $45 their 4 course Thanksgiving menu consisted of a sublime Carrot and ginger soup, A dull walnut, blue cheese salad, but made up by the choices for main course were Turkey of course, this came with stuffing, carrots, Brussels sprouts and broccoli topped with lashings of turkey gravy.  other choices were the Roast beef and a Grilled Salmon for the vegetarians. The Turkey was delicious, the plate was over flowing with goodness, amazing tastes all combined. I was full but luckily had to wait awhile for the Souffles to arrive. We ate these family, style dipping into each others, the flavours were unique, Pumpkin, Chocolate, Raspberry and Grand Marnier. The best by far was the Chocolate and as the day turned into night and we were seated on the patio it was the perfect thing to keep us warm.

So all in all it was like having thanksgiving dinner at home, but without the hassle.

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