Throw out yer fridge!

How many times have you come home from work and needed a nice glass of chilled pinot gris? only to find that you forgot to put one in the fridge the night before. Who needs a fridge when you can have this instant wine cooler, this cool gadget fits atop of the bottle,  and instantly chills the wine as it passes thru the lid - without effecting the flavour. This is one of my fave stocking fillers this year.

$39.95; redenvelope.comPour perfectly chilled wine—instantly. Bring out the best in your wine by serving it at just the right temperature without ice buckets or special refrigeration. Simply store the Ravi Instant Wine Refresher in your freezer for at least six hours, then attach it to your wine bottle. The wine chills to perfection when you pour it through the Ravi and use the air-intake valve to control the flow for regulating wine temperature. Ravi can cool a full bottle of room-temperature red wine to 64 degrees F, or chill many glasses of white wine to as low as 40 degrees F.



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