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The Fighter Review

Mark Wahlberg plays Irish Mickey Ward
Raging Bull, The champ, Cinderella Man & who can forget the 8 Rocky movies.  David O'Russell brings Mark Wahlberg's passion project together after 5 years in the making. And wow, it was well worth the wait. If this doesn't get a whole bunch of Ocscar noms, then Bristol Palin deserves to win Dancing with the stars. (Just saying)
Christian Bale lost 40lbs to play Dickie Ward

The fighter tells the story of two fighting brothers, The older, Dickie, played with such commitment by British thesp Christian Bale (C'mon give him an award already.) who is passed his fighting prime and a crack addict is now training his younger brother Mickey (Wahlberg) but true to life, family aren't always the best to guide your career. Melissa Leo is unrecognisable as the boys Mother, Alice, this role shows that there is nothing this actress cannot do, and finally a surprise casting choice in sweet Amy Adams as Charlene, the tough no-nonsense girlfriend of Mickey.  Now they all deserve noms, no question, but Adams blew me away. Who would have thought that the girl from Enchanted could be this down and dirty foul mouthed broad from Boston. After 3 seconds on screen I even forgot it was her.
Amy Adams from Enchantment

Amy Adams in "The Fighter"
This by far is David O'Russell's best piece of work yet. Great gritty cinematography and a killer soundtrack. - This is a must see for boxing fans and non boxing fans all around. Click here to see the trailer for The Fighter 
Reviewed by Craig Young


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