15 year old Tells Establishment to Stick-it.

         As the student riots settle in the UK, it reminded me of a time when I was 15, I remembered the kids at my comprehensive going on strike. During the morning maths lesson, a note passed around the room, telling all students to gather outside the school gates after second period. I remember it saying something like, "We have had enough of the way the teachers are treating us and it's time to stand up to the bullies" I remember a rush of adrenaline. I looked over to a few others who were equally excited. When the bell rang, we all jumped down the stairs to meet about 50 other kids, chanting and banging on the school gates, more and more joined. Some kid got a cricket bat and smashed through the windscreen of a nearby car, some other kid started spray painting the words riot on the pavement! I got caught up in the hysteria with my mates. The deputy headmaster came to the gates with a megaphone and announced that any pupils that did not return to their classrooms immediately will be severely punished and dealt with. Someone through eggs at him. He scarpered off and the caretaker locked the school gates. We then heard the sound of sirens, so at which point most of us scarpered. The next day I payed to truant from school and went in to town with my mates. when I returned home, the school had been round to see my parents, they asked me why i did it. Any my answer was truthful in that I did not know, i just got caught up in the excitement and just went along with it. Now today we see riots happening all over the UK due to the hike in student fees, a legitimate reason, one might say. But I do have to wonder in years to come how many of these people just joined the hysteria, and how many are really fighting for the cause.
posted by Craig Young

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