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Not one for the kids - but for arts sake!

Looking for that perfect christmas gift for your pervy nephew, brother or husband - look no further Henry Hargreaves releases the perfect stocking filler! comes complete with the specs - so your kids can watch 'dispicable me' afterwards.

The X Factor X-Whactor

X-Factor seems to always have one novelty act each year - Jedwood anyone?This year is wagner - Kinda scary -but the judges seem to love his mash-ups! This week was Beatles week! - Timely with iTunes releasing all 17 of their albums. Fave this week was Cher Lloyd!

Newsreaders show us their Poker Faces 4 Children In Need

Things we'll do for charity, Actually love this! Usually very serious and stoic having a little larf for a good caise - Children in need! - All good fun, but don't give up yer day jobs, gals!!!

Corri-Stenders stars unite for BBC's Children in Need

Stars of "Coronation Street" and "Eastenders" joined forces for a special "Children in Need" episode last night

Still not too late to donate, Pudsie needs you - Click here to contribute

Scrooge McWho?

Dr. Who has a Christmas special and here's the first trailer for it - based On "A Christmas Carol" - Can't wait!!!


The midnight showings of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows have allegedly pulled in $24 million for the 3,700 locations in North America!
Pretty impressive,  however, it only comes in third for highest grossing midnight film premiere, because both Twilight sequels, New Moon and Eclipse, beat it out at their respective $26.2 and $30 million. I think it's going to do gangbusters over the weekend though. So far which Potter Movie has been your favorite?

Have you cleaned your balls?

"Even cleans your old balls" hahahahah! - I hear it works on girls too!
Directed by Harold Einstein (Station Film)

The BLAGGER'S in The latest iPhone commercial

Our football team The Blaggers are a talented bunch! Check them outherein a European iPhone commercial. If you want to join the team sign up onFacebook

You looking at me?

The Fighter Review

Raging Bull, The champ, Cinderella Man & who can forget the 8 Rocky movies.  David O'Russell brings Mark Wahlberg's passion project together after 5 years in the making. And wow, it was well worth the wait. If this doesn't get a whole bunch of Ocscar noms, then Bristol Palin deserves to win Dancing with the stars. (Just saying)

The fighter tells the story of two fighting brothers, The older, Dickie, played with such commitment by British thesp Christian Bale (C'mon give him an award already.) who is passed his fighting prime and a crack addict is now training his younger brother Mickey (Wahlberg) but true to life, family aren't always the best to guide your career. Melissa Leo is unrecognisable as the boys Mother, Alice, this role shows that there is nothing this actress cannot do, and finally a surprise casting choice in sweet Amy Adams as Charlene, the tough no-nonsense girlfriend of Mickey.  Now they all deserve noms, no question, but Adams…

The T-Mobile Welcome Back

British adverts are the best! 


FASHION DESIGNER &BRITS IN LAMEMBERJulia Clanceywould like to invite you to a party! It is in NY tomorrow night. So if you are there please stop in atAny Old Iron . Discounts, free booze and lots of pretty dresses plus an after party atThe Thompson Hotel


Hi Guys!

Hope you are all having a great week?!

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REQUEST - Our Craig is going in for foot surgery tomorrow! Has anyone got a wheelchair they can loan him? If so please message me or Craig

Sunday Roast Dinner this weekend at Cecconi's!! Since we announced this eve…


The Cat & Fiddleare hosting a dinner for all you waifs and strays or if you just can't be bothered to cook! This is a very popular day for the restaurant so book now 


If you live abroad the way you obtain a passport, and where you need to apply, is changing. Find outherewhat the new procedures are


JJ Jones croons slightly twisted versions of your favorite Christmas songs for a total of 12 Minutes of Christmas
and the new addition to the program, 12 More Minutes of Christmas.
2010 tour booking now in California and Germany! (Nov/Dec)
This show is perfect for anyone with an appreciation for the absurd, the celebratory, or the truly uniquely inspired.

Audiences of all sorts have raved about the Human Snow Globe, from
 exclusive holiday parties to hip music clubs to city parades. (Warning: those expecting predictable entertainment may be disappointed).
Indeed, there is just enough oxygen for 12 minutes, during which JJ delivers bizarrely entertaining parodies including White Christmas, Winter Wonderland,The Christmas Song, Mele Kalikimaka, The Little Drummer Boy, Sleigh Ride,and the soon to be classic Santa Girl (Beach Boy in a Snow Globe)
Perfect for Concert Openers, Exclusive Parties, Hipster Gatherings, and Shopping Malls

CHECK OUT JJ'S Performance as a slideshow …

Restaurant Of The Week!

RESTAURANT OF THE WEEK has to be Talesai! Been around for ever and have locations all over town but I only tried them this past week. Best Thai food I have had here so far. You must try the spicy duck rolls or the green papaya salad. Simply delicious! For all locations and the menu go toTalesai

RANDUMB - The Adventures of an Irish Guy in LA

I have just finished this book written by BLA member Mark Hayes and I don't think I can describe it any better than he does on the jacket!! Randumb takes the reader on an unforgettable journey through the real world of life in LA. Random. Dumb. Madness. Fun. Heaven. Hell. Models. Actors. Actresses. Parties. Porn. Orgies. Nazis. Nutters. Producers. Directors. Singers. Hippies. Buckets. Leprechauns. Cardigans. Cougars. Gay gyms. DJing. Dancing. Prancing. Drink. Drugs. Freaks. Fakes. Friends. Stand up. Knocked down. Dressed up. Stripped down. Troughs. Hills. Gutters. Stars. Highest of the high life. Lowest of the lows. Trying to make it. or in the words of Robbie Williams "I like book, me" Available to buy on Amazon

I'm a Celeb

BLA member Dawn Porter in Australia. She is currently on the panel for I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here Now!

Moheak Radio - The Reg B show - w/guest Robin Goodridge (Bush) 10/28/10

BLA member Reg B has a radio show on Moheak every Thursday at 7pm Tonight he has one of our favourite bands Purple Melon on the show!!

Postponed to the following Sunday -POT LUCK POLO & SUNDAY LUNCHEON

This event has been postponed to the following Sunday, November 28th, which is good news for you if you wanted to attend both our Roast Lunch BLA member Ebe is hosting his second Polo Pot Luck at the California Polo Club. It's an opportunity for friends to come and either watch or learn the game of Polo at an exclusive and beautiful Polo Club just 20 mins drive from Hollywood. It starts at 12pm with a lesson for 6 beginners (no riding experience required). From then on everyone arrives bringing a dish or booze or whatever... As we start lunch my friends and I will put on an exhibition game just to show everyone how fast and cool polo really is..

The Address is 11035 Osborne Street, LA 91342. you can park just off the road in front of the Arena and walk to the deck at the back where we will be can always call me if you get lost 323 801 5779. Here is a link to the club with a map etc
Here is the link to the event- Do RSVP


We went to a lovely reception hosted by the Oregon Film Office last week. They brought everything down from Oregon including the most delicious wines from Ponzi , we tasted the 2008 Pinot Noir and the 2009 Pinto Gris...

...and handmade chocolates from Alma Chocolate (she can make them into almost any shape, I quite like the Laughing Roly Poly Buddha!!!) as well as some of the best cheeses I have ever tasted!

Johnny not so 'Rotten' when it comes to Willy & Kate!!

As snarling punk idol Johnny Rotten, singer John Lydon famously railed against the monarchy in The Sex Pistols' Seventies anthem God Save The Queen. So you might not expect him to join well-wishers queuing to congratulate Prince William and Kate.

Click here for the full article

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Great Christmas Idea!!

Really is the perfect gift for any child! Order here

Adopt a Letter this Christmas

The Adopt-A-Letter was inspired in 2007 by Baroness Kimberly Moore, CEO of “The Echelon Club” just 10 days before Christmas when a simple idea arose to answer Santa letters at the US Post Office written from thousands of children living in the community. What turned out to be a cute idea, Ms. Moore was shock to find hundreds of letters written from such needy children and families expressing their Christmas wishes to Santa. While some children wished for toys, others were asking Santa for food, school supplies, blankets and warm socks for their mom. A six year boy writes: "Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is is a nice warm meal with my family." "When I started reading these letters, I was heart broken," says Ms. Moore. “I would have never imagined that there would be so many children requesting such simple things, right here in our own community. Ms Moore and Echelon member Patrice Farameh decided to take matters into their own hands and answer hundreds of lett…