Everyone pays mucho attention to the oh so serious TOSCARS.


Can't believe The Toscars started out as a small project for Brits in LA three years ago, and we are coming up to our forth year of this fun-tastic event.
We parody the nominated movies for best feature. Teams are chosen on January 25th - You have up until the Wednesday before the actual Oscars to produce, write, star in, costume, make-up and edit a 5 minute short parody of the film you are assigned - *A few rules are set in place. Teams are chosen randomly. The Thursday before Oscars we screen all the films and hold a red carpet event. Everybody gets a voting ballot to choose their favorite Toscar, Whactor, Whactress, Best Supporting Whactor and Supporting Whactress. This Will be the most fun you'll have all Oscar season. Guaranteed.
To see some of the films from years past, and photos from the event click here
Last year's winner "District 69"
To get your ticket or the screening at Sunset 5 and the after party click here


  1. i just found out about this. Is it too late to participate? Anyone need someone who can play 35-55 with a Southern accent or Jewish accent? (The southern accent is real--though can be hidden after years in radio and voice over work)

    Please see my profile over at I am under Sharon Cobb.
    Hope to see you! I am an true Anglophile!


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