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Introducing Beauty is The Question by Lynn Taylor

To Botox or not to Botox: That is the question

I arrive back to LA after spending just short of three years in the UK. I had been working as a make-up artist and just finished a film and in addition was working on my own product ideas. Then Penelope summoned me to take that big Virgin Bird back to the City of Angels, or as i like to call it "La-la Land." It was time to put the finishing touches to my parasol line

My first observation was how very groomed all the women were in LA, compared to the slightly frazzled yet fresh-faced Brit chick (this could have something to do with being crushed in a tube with tons of people and battling the good old British weather). In addition to this I started to get obsessed with my wrinkles and started comparing friends' Botox and — yes, I admit it — getting doctors' numbers (shouldn't I really be doing crossword puzzles to keep dementia at bay?)

Whilst at one social gathering of women I was probably the only wrinkly one and looked out of place as everyone else was Botoxed to perfection. "At least you won't get the bunny nose," my friend consoled me, who incidentally is 50 and looks fabulous without any surgical enhancements. The bunny nose being the crinkly action you get on your nose when your forehead is frozen, so the rest of your facial muscles overcompensate.
Cute. On a bunny.

My second observation was the lack of diversity. I sort of missed those girls on the tube with mad turquoise eyeliner or fierce black smoky eyes that look like they put it on with a Sharpie in a badly-lit bathroom. I ask the question in the quest for perfection, Does one lose creativity and individuality, if in fact — and I know this to be true — inspiration for fashion and beauty comes from the street? Then it's re-worked for the catwalk. Then it's toned down for the High Street. Then — wait for it — it ends up back on street. Where does that leave LA? Perhaps LA is its own brand of fashion and beauty, a sort-of watered down Hollywood glamour. I say, "Go on Hollywood: Wear a bad. black. chipped nail or reverse french manicure (see below). Go on: don't comb your hair today; live a little."

Beauty tip of the week : For the fresh-faced London cheek, use a little Nars Deep Throat blush and lightly brush it onto the apples of your cheeks; but remember: less is more. Marie Antionette's look does not suit everyone.

Skincare tip: Dr Sebagh's "For Your Eyes Only" fantastic de-puffing eye cream!

A little bit about Lynn Taylor

Lynn Taylor


Originating from Great Britain, Lynn Taylor has established a strong Beauty career in Los Angeles & London.

Lynn’s career in beauty began at Newcastle College of Art and Technology. Pursuing her love of fashion and beauty she chose to join Vidal Sassoon where she trained as a hair stylist. She continued to work with Vidal Sassoon for 6 years where she taught international seminars and promoted new, innovative ideas to a worldwide audience. Working on projects with renowned London Designers and Photographers creating make-up looks and trends.

Lynn was selected to help launch a new salon, concentrating on publicity, responsible for radio, TV & local press thus gaining essential media savvy. In addition to this she handled the training program for the junior staff at the salon.

Leaving London for a change of scenery and to satisfy her hunger for innovation and beauty trade knowledge, she relocated to Los Angeles to further her career as a Make-Up Artist. Working with celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher, Lisa Marie Presley, Mariel Hemmingway, Amber Valetta, Charlize Theron & Katie Holmes to name but a few. Also branching into advertising where she worked on campaigns for Levis, Boots, Nike, Adidas, Jim Bean, Morgan and Mercedes. Not yet satisfied, Lynn additionally sought out a piece of the Magazine market leading her towards editorial work in many highly regarded publications with credits including Vogue, Teen Vogue, German Max, Allure & Glamour.

As a result of her consistently innovative work Lynn was selected as a consultant for International cosmetic companies advising on new products and market trends. Expertise including: colour prediction, concept, lab work and packaging.

During her time in Los Angeles Lynn worked as Head of Make-up Department for Paramount where she was also responsible for creating make-up looks for Sienna Miller.

Currently living back in London working as a Make-up artist and a freelance consultant for cosmetic companies, with a particular interest in cosmetic development, product innovation and branding. Recently employed by Estee Lauder as a consultant to the Vice President of Product Innovation at their New York HQ. Lynn is currently consulting on a luxury cosmetics line in London whilst developing innovative new products.

Further information please contact: Lynn Taylor 310 890-7073


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