Beauty Is The Question... by Lynn Taylor

Beauty, n. The power by which a woman charms a lover and terrifies a husband.
- AMBROSE BIERCE, The Devil's Dictionary

Can glamour be effortless?

You know the drill: you pushed snooze button on the alarm and now you are rushing to get ready and — OMG — you missed your eye whilst applying mascara and resemble a spotted Dalmatian. In addition you spilled the coffee you were trying to drink whilst applying your make-up and — to add insult to injury —it’s all over your new white DVF shirt.

Another wash-and-go day, sporting your barefaced beauty look (or slightly frazzled version of you) you turn up to your meeting and your heart plummets. There she is: a goddess. A vision of loveliness, all perky, poised and perfected. As she throws back her super-shiny, bouncy hair, you notice her Angelina-Jolie-like, perfectly-applied eyeliner and mascara. She is a picture of effortless glamour. You can't put your finger on it, but it’s all working for her and she knows it.
That's it, you think: time to get in the race. Time for a new-and-improved you.

My tips for effortless glamour.
First the hair. Healthy, shiny hair is paramount. Forget holding on to length if it looks like a bird recently made its nest there. Say goodbye to your locks, if they’re only quantity as opposed to quality. Unless, of course, you live in Thailand and need to support your entire family by selling your hair to a wealthy hair extension owner in North London.

Second is healthy skin. Skin that glows is the secret to youth for the over 40's. Drink Iots of water (and not just after the bottle of vino, right before bed). And a good skincare regime coupled with 8 hours of sleep a night does wonders.
If you must get a tan or live in LA, always use maximum protection sunblock and oodles of moisturizer. Try mixing Becca's shimmering skin perfecter or Sea Pearl by, a light reflecting product that is truly lovely when applied on the brow bones and above the cheeks to create radiant skin.

Lastly, find your signature look. This is what the French women have perfected, style.

Je ne sais quoi!

Start by choosing your best feature and maximize on it. Do you have great skin, lovely eyes and lashes or a great mouth? Enlist the help of an expert (this is a good investment and will save you money in the long run).

Once you discover your signature look, wear it with confidence and don't look back! Remember: There are lovers to charm.


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