What Do You Wake Up To? Feng Shui in Your Bedroom!


Whether you are aware of this or not, how you wake up every day affects how you live your life – Every Day. Because “life happens” the only real effect you have is how you “react” to life. So, why not start by creating a happy, harmonious and healthy environment to keep you on the positive side of your tracks.

Ask yourself these two questions:
1. What is the first thing you see when you wake up every morning?
2. How does this view make you feel?

If you wake up feeling happy, energized and motivated – then way to go! You are in on a secret to living a happy and healthy life because you’ve taken the time to create a space that fulfills and nurtures you.

For example, while I was in Greece, I walked into this gorgeous home decor store and all I could see was this Tree of Life rug. I knew I had to have it. Now, it happily hangs beautifully in my bedroom on my “Wood” wall. Every morning I “get” to wake up to THE TREE OF LIFE. The calming colors soothe me. And, the memory of my wonderful trip continuously lingers in my mind on a subconscious level. It instantly makes me feel good and brings a smile to my face.

    Now, if you wake up feeling a bit different than just discussed, no worries – there are easy ways to get you back on track.

    First, let’s remember why your bedroom is such an important room for you. This room allows you your privacy, intimacy and rest. These factors are key to helping your body rejuvenate and repair itself from your daily grind and life stresses.

    While I could talk for days on the bedroom, for now we are going to focus on two things:

    1. The “Command Position” of your bed.
    2. What you should NOT have in your bedroom.

    This is Feng Shui 101. Your bed should be placed in your room so you can see your bedroom door at all times. Subconsciously, this puts you and your mind at ease because you are in the power (“Command”) position of the room. In short, you can easily see all angles of your bedroom at all times.

    Do not place your bed to where your feet and body are in the direct path of your door’s entryway. Energy flowing into your room will hit your body first before distributing throughout your space. While you may not be able to see or know this is happening, your body feels it and automatically goes to work by responding to the energy.

    BEDROOM “No” “No’s”:
    1. No TV
    2. No Computers
    3. No Workout Equipment
    4. No family photos

    The short reason why:
    Do you want to “work” and keep your mind “busy” in the room where you are suppose to have privacy, rest and sleep?

    A bit more detail of why:
    If watching TV helps you wind down from your day, then go to the TV room – that is what this room is for, watching TV. If you have grown accustomed to sleeping with the TV on, just realize your mind is still working and ingesting the stimulus it is hearing. You may be asleep, but you are not fully resting.

    Computers (any electrical items)
    Electrical equipment brings in an energetic pulse, sound and vibration that affects your sleeping – even when the power is off. While you may not hear the electricity, it is still power and electricity that is circulating in your space, thus affecting you and your sleep.

    Workout Equipment
    What does workout equipment represent? Right, working out. Work. Exercise. Activity. Motion. Enough said.

    Family Photos
    Your bedroom is your haven, your escape and your space to be intimate with your spouse or partner. You don’t need to invite your parents, friends and children to share in this space with you. There are other rooms in your home for everyone to live and remind you of your love and fond memories. Let this space be for you and your honey to reconnect each day. If you are single, create this space to call in the love you desire. This can be done with art and decorative items that represent love, romance and partnership.

    So, take a look around your bedroom. What do you wake up to? What can you do differently to create a space that makes you feel happy, energized and help start your day off right? If you are having difficulties determining what to do, you can always contact me!

    Night. Night.

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