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Meatless Tofu Scramble, Couscous & Fresh Corn!

I won't harp on about the weather, but really? Forever changing, just like my recipes, and here's a heartier meal that takes minutes to prepare and must be enjoyed with a lovely glass of red:)
INGREDIENTS 1 cup of couscous 1 packet of tofu ground meat substitute-Quorn or Yves are great 1 cup of peas 1/2 jar of tomato marinara sauce- (TJ's do a fab Organic Tomato/Basil Marinara sauce) 1 finely chopped onion 3 cloves of chopped garlic 4 fresh corn kernels Butter for corn 1 tbsp Flax seed oil for couscous Splash of Worcestershire Sauce Splash of Braggs Amino Acids Kelp salt n pepper to season
DIRECTIONS 1. Cook couscous as per directions on packet 2. Steam corn for approx 10 minutes 3. In frying pan or wok, spray oil or oil and cook onion and garlic for approx 5 minutes. Add Braggs and WS, peas and tofu and cook for further 5 minutes, then add marinara sauce and cook until heated through-approx 5 minutes more. 4. Butter & season the corn, drizzle flax seed oil over couscous and serve toge…

Weekly Feng Shui Tip

What does your wallet look like? Is it in good condition and your money is organized? Or, is is about to fall apart & your money is crumbled up? How we handle our money can speak to our subconsious relationship towards money. Start the shift here - clean up your wallet!

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Hi Breeps!

Our lovely Eileen is back in the Mother land this week , visiting her lovely Mother for her birthday - so Big Birthday shout out to Bettina Lee. Have fun Eileen and don't forget my wine gums.
Other birthdays this week: Wednesday, May 18Fabien Soudiere, Fernando Alessandri, Jim Turner
Thursday, May 19 Jen DiSisto, Quentin Bradley, Matthias Brueckner Friday, May 20 Mary Anne McGarry, Saturday, May 21Oliver Cowley Sunday, May 22Tanya Almor, David Waddell, Paul Drew Monday, May 23 Darren Darnborough

With Facebook ever changing - It's great that you can interact more as a community - however a few rules exist and if not complied you will be removed from the trusted group - No swearing, heckling or harassing other members, no business advertising, please minimise your re posting of your music shows, plays, web series, stand-up shows to twice a week. Please don't create events through Brits in LA group - they will be deleted - feel fre…

Across the Pond.....

"It is said only the rich and famous can afford a gagging order. But only the rich and famous ever need one," - words uttered by Jeremy Clarkson this morning as he sped away from his multi-million pound home in the Cotswolds after allegedly moving out amidst reports of an extra marital affair - information that may not have come to light had it not been for recent internet rumours surrounding the need for public figures to hide behind these 'super injunctions' - with Jeremy and Jemima Khan's alleged 'affair cover-up' reaching the headlines after information regarding various other public figures was leaked. Jemima has vehemently denied the rumours and spoke of her 'nightmare' as a result of all the gossip. (Poor little lamb).
Twitter stood at the forefront of the rumour mill after some of its users published information supposedly protected by these so-called gagging orders - resulting in it's busiest ever day of recorded traffic in the UK…