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Feng Shui, Relationships & Laundry?

HOW CUTE IS THIS PAINTING?!Doesn’t it makes you smile from the inside out?!It’s called “Giraffe’s Making Love,” my friend painted it in her Intuitive Painting class. When she showed it to me, I instantly fell in LOVE and had to have it!If you are wondering what’s an Intuitive Painting class. . .it’s where students are inspired to discover their own creative voice, while reducing self-criticism and increasing their creative flow. Because this class is about loving oneself to enhance their own creative expression in life – it inspired me to talk about Feng Shui and Relationships.According to the Bagua Map, the Relationship Area of your home is the far right corner from your front door (this is also the same location for a single room).In my home, my Relationship Area just happens to be my laundry room – EEK! A room where I clean my dirty clothes and the home of my cat’s litter box. . .hmmm. . .not ideal! SO, I had to make a few adjustments in order to keep this room’s energy positive, c…

Britain's next Top Model...

Roland Bunce is set to become Britain's Next top model. Poor Roly is a victim of an internet prank, and has even managed to get over 10,000 'likes' on facebook. The Next 'Make Me a Model 2011' competition launched on Monday and has so far had more than 5,000 entries. Entries close on June 28 The winner will receive £2000, a photoshoot and an introduction to model agency Storm. There is a big debate as to whether this makes a mockery of modeling competitions. All I can say is Roland has my vote. If you want to cast your vote, click here 

Weekly Feng Shui Tip

Feng Shui Career Tip:
To create flow and prosperity in your career keep healthy and lush green plants in your office, such as Peace Lily, Areca, Lady or Bamboo Palms, Rubber Plant, English ivy & Boston Ferns.

Brits in LA Newsletter May 30th

This newsletter is brought to you by  Hi Guys Hope you are all well ? I just got back from the UK. I went for my mums birthday but also managed to catch a couple of shows too. I went to a fab pub in Kentish Town called the Lion & the Unicorn, where I enjoyed a really funny improvised character comedy starring Steve Furst, Adam Longworth. Steve Furst and fellow Brits in LA member Alexis Zegerman are also opening at the Royal Court this week with Chicken Soup with Barley , so go along and support if you are in London .
Jersey Boys starring Brits in LA member Jon Lee as Frankie Valli was another show that I was fortunate enough to see. I absolutely loved it! I had no idea that Jon is so talented and the show overall is brilliant. If you are not dancing in the aisles by the end there is something wrong with you. I was also astounded by the long list of songs that I recognised. Take your mum too (mine loved it!)
Happy Birthday to Marc Coneely, Tracey Edwards at Reiss and the lovely Felice …