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This is an excerpt from LA WEEKLY
Banksy has a reason to hate LA -- After all, we took down his art, stole it and covered it up during his stay in our fine city in winter in the weeks leading up to (and after) the Academy Awards (where his documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop was up for an Oscar). Well, he likes us. He really does. The Museum of Contemporary Art announced Thursday that ... ... Banksy is paying your admission to see its groundbreaking "Art in the Streets" exhibition on Mondays. All you have to do is show up to the Geffen Contemporary in Little Tokyo and check it out.

Sacha Baron Cohen loves the ‘Dic - tator’

That's right they are all the many faces of Sascha Baron Cohen.  Well up next is a character called 'The Dictator' that some say IS based upon Saddam Hussein, but he looks more like Kramer from 'Seinfeild' if you ask me.

What are your thoughts? Are you interested in seeing this one?


The recent passing of Roy Skelton (Zippy from Rainbow) got me thinking about some of my other favourite kids shows growing up -

Here's a few clips to travel down memory lane:

Finger mouse
Captain Pugwash and Seaman Staines
Basil Brush (old skool)
Emu's world
Button Moon
Play School
Grange Hill
Let us know what some of your favorites were.


Actor and singer Roy Skelton, best known for voicing puppets George and Zippy in the popular children's programme Rainbow, has died aged 79. His daughter Samantha Skelton told the BBC that her father passed away at his Brighton home after suffering a stroke. The actor joined Rainbow in the early 1970s and remained
with the show until it ended in 1992.

PLAY the youtube video to see all the double entendres that ran through the kids show. Made me lol. 
Geoffrey Hayes, who also starred in the show, said: "He really brought Zippy and George to life through his voice." Skelton was "fabulous at improvising if something went wrong," he added. "The most wonderful thing was if Zippy and George were having an argument between themselves, it sounded like he'd double-tracked it as they seemed to be talking over each other. It was a wonderful technique and I don't know how he did it. "Although he was known for Zippy and George he was actually a fabulous actor with…
Weekly Feng Shui Tip:
The birth flower for June is the "ROSE". It symbolizes beauty and passionate love. Ignite the "Fame" area in your home or office with Red Roses this month!

Interiors by Audrey VanderStek

Rose Tree Cottage - British Gem in Pasadena

I had the pleasure of visiting Rose Tree Cottage yesterday. A British goods store not like any other. You have to ring the door bell ( a couple of times) to gain entrance. "No photos please" says the sign on the door. Unfortunately I had already snapped a couple by the time I had read the sign.
The owner, Edmund answers the front door and gives me a huge welcome. Edmund is a very dapper gentleman, who tells me Rose Tree Cottage has been in business for 37 years. He then offers me some delicious homemade shortbread, fresh from their Aga oven, which they also have on sale (yes, they sell Aga's !!) The shop is a British treasure trove. The kind of place you hope to stumble across when you visit England (but never do as they have all been turned into Tesco Metros). The armchairs by the fireplace made me think of The Wishing Chair story by Enid Blyton. It really is enchanting and would have stayed for afternoon tea in the Rose Garden, but reservations are taken at least a week …

Kate's Wedding Dress to go on Public Display

It has just been announced that Princess Catherine's wedding dress will go on display this summer. The dress can be viewed at Buckingham Palace from July 23rd to October 3rd. The dress will be exhibited alongside Catherine's tiara, shoes, jewellery and the couple's wedding cake. The iconic dress was designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen. Entrance fee is £17.50.
On a another note, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are looking for staff. If you have the chops to be a butler, apply here 

Brits in LA Newsletter June 6th

This newsletter is brought to you by Mike Sullivan's Volkswagen Santa Monica.  If you need to lease or buy a car but have no credit they are the ones to talk to. You must have a social security number though!
Hi Guys How are you all? There has been a discussion on the Facebook page regarding posting adverts. We are very happy for people to post their personal recommendations (as this is what makes the group so useful) however please refrain from posting if you are promoting your business without first getting approval from either Craig or me.
Happy Birthday to Annabel Wright, Simon Paris, Ryan Rickert, Brian Rodda, Joe Poe and Amy Watts!
The Irish Fairis coming up on June 18/19 and looks like it will be a blast. Lots of music and dance plus a sheepherding demonstration! I see they are looking for volunteers too, click here if you can help.

Muse are playing next month at the Coliseum, alongside Rage Against the Machine. click here to buy tickets

The Kooks are …

Across the Pond.....

The Great British summer is finally here! The sweetest strawberries, Heritage asparagus and the best lamb and Jersey Royal potatoes dripping from dinner plates all across the country. With Glastonbury Festival and the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships both taking place in June, this is surely the best month of the year here in the UK. If only the weather wasn't so fickle. Hot summery nights are followed by wet, blustery days. String vests and shorts one day and a raincoat the next. But we're used to it here in Blighty..we have to admit that when all is said and done - we can be rather a fickle nation. When it's hot we complain about the humidity and the ever imminent hose pipe ban, when it's cold we complain that we have the worst weather in the world and utter things like "that's it - we've had our summer, it was those 2 days back in April". We like to complain...we do...and I say that with love, being a Brit myself.
Take the tabloids for exa…