Steve Sidelnyk's Football Blog 27th September 2013

" Messi puts the paint on the palette and Pedro puts the paint on the canvas " :  A description of the goal in the Barcelona vs Rayo Vellecano De Madrid as succinctly put by Ray Hudson.....but more later!

Man City destroying Man Utd in a five goal thriller and even though the Red Devils only scored one goal, that man Rooney executed the perfect free-kick....sublime.

Arsenal Top!!!!!! Liverpool lose, Everton, Swansea and Chelsea all win and the newly named Hull City Tigers beat Newcastle.

It seems the Premier League has just started to get going and there are some exciting fixtures and the, early for us , London derby between Spurs and Chelsea looking like the tie of the weekend.

And a big shout out to NBC Sports Network who continue to improve and as Manchester derby finished went straight to the Cardiff vs Spurs game and saw the most wonderful goal scored by Paulihno, the boy from brazil in the spurs shirt....Amazing!

Poor old Paulo Di Canio tin-tacked after a revolt by the players and by all accounts the Sunderland fans too after their loss at the hands of West Brom, not content with a defeat, he then walked over to the traveling Sunderland fans who hurled abuse.............bye bye Paulo : O (

The special one is claiming that Tottenham could win the title......but his relationship with Spurs boss Villas-Boas is bad at best ...... Jedi mind tricks Jose??????

Messi in tax fraud allegations????????? No not Lionel............The new Harry Redknapp? : )

After my praise of NBC and actually great Champions League and Europa Cup coverage by Fox Sports 1 and 2...........its time for a super nod to BEIN Sport who continue to bring us brilliant Italian, Spanish, French and now even League Cup action which caught a few people unawares but they did show Chelsea vs Swindon it looks like apart from some lower league action you can pretty much watch every major game live here on the west coast.

With BEIN Sport comes their commentators and our man from Geordie-Land: Ray Hudson continuing to enthuse but also confuse a lot of people tuning in to maybe think their TV provider has been taken over by the north-east of England!
Ray is possibly the most passionate commentator and for those who don't know much about him he did actually play for Newcastle before coming over here and playing for the USA league.
Opinion is divided on his commentary and some find it hard to follow especially as his co-host sounds like Boris Becker adding to the melange of accents and colloquialisms that might deter an American footy-fan from watching and some might say even most British people....but I love him and his description of Messi goals will live till the end of time : 

Hudson was calling the Super Copa Cup Final (between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid). Lionel Messi redirected a corner kick to his teammate Gerard Pique who heeled the ball through a crowd back to Messi, prompting Hudson to scream even before the goal was scored. When Messi scored, Hudson made a famous analogy by saying, "Excuse me for being excited, but we just witnessed a goal that would wake up a catatonic!"

Aaaahhhhhhhhh Bless!

And just before I sign off I'm giving a certain someone's team Nottingham Forest a mention.................................well thats that done : O )

Have a WONDERFUL Football packed weekend!

Steve " Chopper " Sidelnyk


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