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Brits in LA Newsletter March 25th, 2013

Talk to Joe Seymour about  how you can get into a VW. There are many options for ex-pats. Joe has  all the answers you will need. He has helped so many members already and  will work his very hardest to get you into the car of your choice.  Contact him on 310 266 8825 or by email.  
Check out the new VW XL1
Hey Breeps
We have a lot going on this coming week so check out all the events below - Come join us on some of the fun things
I'm currently in pre production on a short film called 'Pepper' If you want to get involved we are crewing up and looking to shoot on April 20th for three days - Please email me if interested in helping out.
Also if you want to pledge to help us finance it to, you can do donate as little as a $5 or if you want some reward for your dosh we have some great incentives.
Please take a look at it for us...

Our charity UKares Foundation has a couple of seminars coming up the first on Health care Insurance is on April 3rd at Cecconi's…