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Brits in LA Newsletter May 13th

WEEKLY NEWSLETTER brought to you by
Talk toArtem Dasov and/or Michael Burger about how you can get into a VW. There are many options for ex-pats.  They have all the answers you will need and will work their very hardest to get you into the car of your choice.  Contact them on (310) 829-1888 ext 2728 or by email.  
If you would rather lease an Audi, make sure to scroll down to get 
Evan from Audi Pacific info 

Hi Everyone!
I am writing this weeks newsletter from North Cornwall!
I am staying in the picturesque village Trebetherick in an amazing house called SeaBreezes.
It is actually available for vacation rentals, so if you are interested email me and I will put you in touch with the owners. Sleeps 7! I have only been here a couple of days but already managed to have a Sunday Roast at a local farm, which was absolutely delicious however I am delighted to say that The Pikey's Roast may actually be slightly better! I have been reading a lot recently about British Wine so jumped at the chance t…