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It's Memorial Day Weekend  - So let's take a moment to remember those fallen heroes who fought for this great country we live in, and those that still protect us.


Well that’s it for the play - "The Vortex" was a personal high for me - I would have never of thought back when i was ten years old growing up on a council estate in Nottingham, where chances were few, that one day, i would be saying 'the master’s words. Thank you to director Gene Franklin Smith for believing in me and giving me this incredible experience. Thank you to the outpouring of support also from so many Brits in LA members who came to support. Work surely begets work as i’ve also been busy shooting a guest episode on new series called "Hit The Floor” for VH1 which starts airing on memorial day. I just wrapped 5 commercials for a tier 1 brand that i can’t mention yet and my film Return to the hiding place has just been released into 8 cities around the country. Not LA yet I’m afraid. - They are planning on September. sometime.  Stay tuned.


Spring is a great time for all things new, so we decided to redo our garden. I’ve always wanted somewhat of an English country garden. Luckily we have quite a bit of shade so are able to grow roses and apple trees and complete with cobble stone pathways we managed to get started. I’m also planting some herbs and growing strawberries and tomatoes. I discovered these great invention while at Soho house in Weho called - (See images) 

You basically fill each pocket with soil, visit you local farmers market or home depot ask advice on what best to plant to fit your area - shady. direct sunlight, morning sun, etc… and start planting away. It makes for a great view outside a dull window - who wants to stare at a fence or the side of the next door building anyhow?


We had a very serious situation happen to our community this past week. A very charming individual took it upon himself to start swindling people out of money. Pretending to be an immigration lawyer and taking deposits, up front. Pretending he had apartments to rent to Brits coming over, taking their money and days before people were due to travel canceled and claimed that he had refunded them , blaming banks, deaths in his family, black widow spiders infestation, the lies got worse and bigger and bigger. He ended up getting caught by credit card fraud, using a credit card to impress a girl up in Santa Barbara. probably to woo her and then rob from her  in the long run. People trusted this man in our community, lending him their cars, lending him phones, money, even let him stay in their homes, all the while he was stealing. His past came back to bite him this week and everyone who has been cheated by him, banded to share our stories about him. It is still shocking to me that this con-man pulled the wool over so many of our eyes and for so long. However because we are so tight knit we were able to stop this gentleman’s actions from traveling any further. 

I was saddened to hear story after story once i asked the question on our Facebook group, how many stories flooded in. This man is a sociopath - a charming scoundrel who had no remorse or took no responsibility for his actions when confronted. - Moral of my story is  be careful who you trust, who you let into your home, your life, because they may not be all they are cracked up to be. Stay aware and vigilant and feel free to ask questions and share your stories. If someone is doing you wrong they are probably doing it to others too. So always share information. However the perpetrator has been removed from all groups and has been reported to all the correct authorities. So as i said in the group, be vigilant, do your homework and lets lead by example. this one bad egg shouldn’t ruin it for us all. however sleep with one eye open ;-) 


And we’ll end with a bit of good news - We have teamed up with BAFTA/LA and will be launching of World Cup Headquarters at Mixology at The Grove. 

All details are on our Facebook page under events. It’s hard to believe 1966 was the last time we won - Come on England, surely we can do it this year (here’s hoping)




  1. Not bad for a Clifton boy. Congratulations Craig, sorry I missed it. Also thanks for the useful info about the woollypockets. And thank you for the reminder to be on guard. Appreciate it x
    Claire xx

  2. Well done, Craig.

    On immigration lawyers, always worth going to someone on personal recommendations I think rather than picking any old co. off a Google search who promises the world. Been fortunate with mine, Ralph Ehrenpreis down in Century City.

    David Campbell Watson


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