This week’s Meet a Member is Catherine Lyn Scott who lives between LA and London. 

As I am a publicist and a director at London Flair PR, we have offices in London and LA, so I spend my time between both amazing cities. I first moved to LA 12 years ago after a background in corporate PR and acting, I retrained at UCLA as an entertainment publicist before setting up the company.  I am lucky enough to enjoy London’s culture and the beautiful sunshine in Southern California. 

How would you describe LA to those who haven’t visited yet? LA is a fun and beautiful city, it is great to visit, live and perfect for those in the entertainment industry. Brits in LA are a great part of my wonderful LA experience, they have enabled me to live in the city of Angels without losing my culture and British identity. I love to join the Brits Breakfast to catch up with people and meet new friends as well as network, this weekly meet is great for people who live in LA and those who are just visiting. 

Do you think you could ever see yourself moving to LA full time, if not tell us what keeps you in London? After living in LA solidly for 10 years, I am loving spending time in both cities. 
I love the vibrance of London, the pubs and culture and I love the glamour of Los Angeles, waking up every day to the sunshine and seeing stunning palm trees dotted around the landscape.

Do you have a hidden gem in LA? Absolutely, La Descarga is a beautifully designed bar by the Houston brothers, you step into a time warp, back into old world Cuba through wardrobe and it really has an unusual and special feel. 

Why would you recommend other overseas readers joining Brits in LA? Certainly, Brits in LA really make me feel at home living in LA.  They hold one of a kind events like The Toscars, an award ceremony which parodies Oscar nominated films and members can participate by attending the ceremony or taking part in making the films.  They have a diverse membership, not just Brits and it is a great way to make lifelong friends in the beautiful city of LA.   

How can we find you on the Internet ?
Twitter: @londonflairpr
Facebook: londonflairpr


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