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Brits in LA Newsletter March 28th, 2014

Hey Breeps!

Don’t forget mothering Sunday is next week! This actually got me thinking how so many of us move to LA alone and perhaps, if we are lucky, get to see our mothers once a year. Being a bit of a statistician, realized that I don’t really have an awful lot of time left on earth with her. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but lets say for example my mum is 68. The average life span of a British woman is 82.8 years, just increased by a year, according to a recent report in The Express newspaper (by the way life expectancy for a man has grown too, to 78.8 years). So my Mum comes to visit me once a year for a week. It takes her 2 days to get over jet lag. Which gives me, speculatively around 5 days a year with her. - 5 days per 15 average years = 75 days. - Depressing, isn’t it?
My whole point of this, was to highlight that every day counts and we should’t take our mum’s or anyone we love for that matter, for granted - Every day with her, for me counts. So many of my fri…