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Brits in LA Newsletter April 11th, 2014

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Greetings Breeps!
Our Facebook page has been quite active this week with questions on subjects such as pet insurance, tax time and etiquette of tipping in LA. I’ll tackle the last one, first, having some experience in the service area quite a number of times, ‘in-between’ acting jobs.Why do we tip certain professions and not others? Why are we having to subsidize the tight proprietors who don’t pay their staff properly? Why do I tip my Gardener only at Christmas.Why do i tip a cab but not a bus driver? And why do i tip at Starbucks, when i don’t tip at the supermarket? Why do I tip a percentage when the server does takes the same amount of time serving one person as he/she does 10 people. Long and short of it is, i don’t honestly know. …