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Weekly Stars with Annie Shaw

June 13th, 2014

In any relationship situation please understand you can’t control everything that people think so all you can do is keep an eye on what the other person is doing as it will be what it turns out to be with out you doing any thing. Fun and games this weekend.

Your priority should be taking care of you in any area that requires attention. and start with what you know is well overdue .On the upside finances are due a boost this month. You have probably been overdoing it these past few days so take it easy.

You have a very creative side of you and it is about time you explored the possibilities if you just think about it or you will not see the benefit that can be had from opening up to new directions .Happy Birthday.

You will have to be aware this next week to not speak out of turn to anyone .The consequences are long reaching for you  as the person will be much more likely to turn against you now than before .Good news coming Jupiter is on his way to your mo…

Steve Sidelnyk's World Cup 2014 Football Blog 12th June 2014

“Here We Go Again” ……………………. the World Cup finals in Brazil is what we’ve waited four years for……………but are they like any other finals???????
The answer is NO…… these are by far the most controversial and socially aware World Cup finals with arguments within FIFA the world’s football governing body and allegations of corruption over the whereabouts of the World Cup in 2022! Also the people of Brazil are in turmoil. There have been protests and strikes by the people who are existing in a country that has been ravaged by cuts to public spending and education. Its a country that has lived with this kind of poverty and with pretty much all the wealth laying with 3% of the population….the rest make do with what they have.
The people of Brazil make the country VERY special and their welcoming and humble attitudes means they strive to show everyone that visits a great time and want you to leave there with a smile on your face and memories you will never forget. Football fans will be gathering …


We will be hosting viewing parties for all the England matches at Planet Dailies/Mixology at The Farmers Market 34 screens and space for 200 people!
England v Italy June 14th Kick off 3pm England v Uruguay June 19th Kick off 12pm England v Costa Rica June 24th Kick off 9am
Get your tickets here  Includes a free drink and lots of England give aways! Kids are free!! Park at the Farmers Market to get parking validation!
Planet Dailies/Mixology will be showing all World Cup matches No cover charge for the other group stage matches!


Meet Annie McQueen from Sheffield (via London) who moved to LA 6 years ago as a Singer/Songwriter
Was there a particular reason you chose LA ? My partner TJ Ramini is an actor and was ready to take on Hollywood after doing various TV shows in England, and I thought 'why not'? I'd done the live circuit gigging around London and was up for a change!
What one thing do you miss from home? Public transport! I really miss not being able to jump on the tube to get around; being in the car all the time is a bit solitary, although I actually love driving in LA; much easier than London! You really get a feel for the people of a city if you use the public transport. For the first 2 years in LA I didn't drive, so I took the buses everywhere and observed some amazing characters along the way. It's also a good way of learning the map of the city.

What do you find the biggest difference is living here versus the UK? Space. Theres so much of it! When I first arrived here I couldn't b…