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Brits in LA News: Obama-geddon & an Im'PEACH'ment!

Hi Everyone,  I hope you all survived Obama-geddon relatively unscathed? I wish they would put signs up the week before he arrives. I am sure he doesn’t even realize the scale of actual chaos he causes us with his motorcade, as he breezes through the streets of Los Angeles. 
I would happily donate to his campaign upon a promise that he only visits us once a year. I proudly voted for Obama last time around, but it didn’t mean I wanted him to show up all up the time. President Obama, please invite your donors to the White House; it is what they are all dreaming of anyway! I truly think everyone has had enough. I tried to research the amount of times POTUS has graced California with his presence, but spookily couldn’t find a solid answer. As Toyah Wilcox would say “It’s A Mystery”. 
So if anyone knows, please tweet us at @BritsinLA. Rumour has it the Obama’s may be house hunting in Palm Springs, so start your petitions now. NIMBY!
Apparently as of July 2014, Barack Obama has visited 46 of 50…

Weekly Horoscope with Anne Shaw

What is in store for you this week....?

A friend is really not having a good experience in life and needs your support and the sun in your cousin sign Leo will bring you the energy to help. This coming week it’s about family or who you consider such. 
TAURUS Time to get moving and grooving and start the week in good form and energy. You will have the Sun shining on you for pleasant recreation. This is not for career situations until the end of August. Hope is good feeling!
GEM What can you achieve this week is up to how willing you are to make the right call to the right person on time .Hold off on major decisions until the end of August as your boss Mercury will direct you in a good direction then.
CAN If you continue to hold on to grudges you will be on the wrong end of the stick this week in a situation that will require you to keep your temper .The Sun in your money house however is a gift bringer.
LEO. The powerful sun in your own sign is in a good mood this month so you should …


Meet Cameron Moir from Jersey, Channel Islands who moved to LA a year ago to pursue acting and writing
Was there a particular reason you chose LA ? I was living living in New York and it just seemed like a natural progression in my Acting career though it was pretty spontaneous. I had some meetings here and they went well, so within two weeks I left New York and moved here.
What one thing do you miss from home? My family.
What do you find the biggest difference is living here versus the UK? I would go for the obvious...the Weather. It’s hard to be down when everyday is gorgeous here but if I was to be less obvious I would say that the majority of people in LA are in the Film Industry and that is not the case in the UK. It’s pretty great if you’re in the industry here but still can get monotonous when you hear someone is an Actor, Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, DP or all of the above.

Do you have a hidden gem in LA that you want to share with us? Hmm I’d have to say Paint-balling in Santa…


If you find you are suffering from the World Cup blues, well fret not because there’s about to be a whole lot of coverage of another kind sport. Although we don’t pick a new president until 2016, expect speculation to ramp up soon about the next race to the White House. Presidential elections over here strike me as a cross between Big Brother and The Hunger Games. Political pundits brush down their whistle and flutes in prep to appear on every roundtable show for the eighteen months straight as the hopefuls pre-position themselves, research their own backgrounds – and those of their opponents – before engaging in a ritual slaughter to take that coveted position and move their 2.4 children in to the White House. My first convention was for the Democratic Party at the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles way back in 2000. And a certain Mr. Al Gore was about to be crowned as the official party candidate. A friend had a box and had invited me. I had anticipated a trip to something resemb…


Meet Valerie King... ...from Preston in Blackpool, who moved to LA 33 years ago to pursue_adventure and a decent life and now works  on the Board of Directors for Malibu Global Awareness a small Charity that raises money for Doctors Without Borders and individuals like a local young woman fighting breast cancer at age 27 yrs. Im happy to report she is doing very well after fighting a rare form of cancer. I am also proud to say this year our 10th anniversary of MGA.  We have raised nearly 4 million dollars. . I have worked several other jobs, one as human resources for a major department store. My husbands career took off so I was lucky to be home , raise our 2 daughters and become involved in MGA.

Was there a particular reason you chose LA ?
I  loved watching old glamorous Hollywood movies and wanted to see first hand  what kind of life it was. I always wished I had gone to an American High School, seemed more romantic … think that I may have seen Grease too many times! The sun, sand and…