Jai Rodriguez surrounded by the KMG Dancers was a great way to open this year's awards

Hey Britlings!

Award season is finally over and The Toscars was a big hit. I want to give a big shout out to all our Brits in LA volunteers who helped out big-time on the night. Valeria, Kellyne, Wilson, Alicia, Claire and Craig without whom none of it would have ran so smoothly. And not forgetting Ewan, Eileen and Nadia, Nadia’s mum, Christine Peake and her son Oliver, 17 who came to be our glamourous Little Master Toscar. He did a great job assisting our very talented host, Jai Rodriguez. We had a wonderful pre-reception party, sponsored by Hollywood Vodka.

Marilyn showed up from the grave for a special presentation

The Mad-Mex Team - Congrats guys
Nadia Wit who portrayed Brie Larson and myself with the poster of our parody 'Shroom"
---- The KMG Dancers opened the show with a jaw-dropping routine to Cinema Italiano from the movie Nine, A subtle reference to this being our 9th Annual Toscars. This got the crowd all warmed up for Jai’s opening monologue, who unlike Chris Rock’s speech was all inclusive, touching on every kind of religion, race, and gender imaginable, but in a very funny but respectful way. There was much laughter through the screening portion of the show. except for when the last film a parody of room. some familiar faces appeared started to appear on the screen, those of the producers. We had kept it a secret from the other teams as what we thought would be a nice surprise. Unfortunately, a team had to drop out last minute, so with very little time we got together and created a very speedy low budget parody called SHROOM - Which you can check out here  -  I play a very unrecognisable 5-year-old boy, or rather a 42-year-old who thinks he’s five, coz he’s shrooming out of his mind!!!. But I can tell you we all had masses of fun! - To be fair though because we secured all the judges we decided to opt out of the competition. 

Most of the acting categories were on Team Short (Short)
We put together over 50 members of the Whacademy who voted in the competition, giving most of the awards to Mad Mex: Churro Road (6) and The Short (Short) (4) awards. But it was a very tough year as the standard was really high. But seriously huge congrats to all the participants, nominees and winners. It was a wonderful show!

After the awards, we all gathered for a wonderful dessert reception in the courtyard and spent some great time with some actual Oscar nominees. Benjamin Cleary and Shan Christopher Ogilvie, who presented the best director award that night, were also nominated on Sunday night at the actual main ceremony for Best Live-action short film and guess what THEY WON! 

The Oscar-nominated guys were most excited to see BLA regular Ron Jeremy.
-- Just put it down to some good old-fashioned Toscar magic!! - But seriously huge congrats to these guys  - they deserved it - not only are they great lads but the movie is really special too -check it out at We’re hoping they’ll come back next year for our tenth and actually participate, but something tells me, they’re gonna be very busy bees.

I ended up getting myself a kind invite to Elton John’s Oscar viewing party on the Sunday night in West Hollywood Park, produced by my very good friend Virginia. It was a hugely successful night, where they raised a record 6.2 million dollars. Which will go to some absolutely worthy programs. Congrats to Elton, David and the staff. it was a spectacular party and it was really wonderful that Elton himself performed. I was lucky to snag a seat very close to the stage to record some of it. And actually live periscope for some of his fans all around the world.

But I have to say, the day before was even more spectacular. Elton staged a secret pop-up concert on the sunset strip for free. It took place in the parking lot of the old Tower Records. I was notified about 24 hours before and got there about 15 minutes before 12pm to a gathering storm of people. There was something really magical to be standing on Sunset, watching and listening to Elton on his piano with a full band singing hit after hit, under the lovely California sunshine, and to top it off, Lady Gaga came on stage to duet with him on “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me.” It’s for moments like this that I’m truly grateful to be living in the country. - in the words of every good president we’ve had  - God Bless America.  (Especially if Trump gets in.-JK)

Cheers guys

-- Craig Young


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