Tuesday, February 14, 2017


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Stargazing with Annie Shaw


If life at work is not all it could be look at the positive side of things as we move into the end of the  month the planet of luck Jupiter will open new doors which you will enjoy opening. Your boss Mars is visiting you and sending good vibrations.

Your emotions are probably in a mess currently. It is more than likely a past situation that has brought things up and this will be resolved for your highest good if you take action soonest. Do not make work your sole purpose.

Take time out maybe with a trusted friend and figure out what direction you need to follow in your personal life for the best long term outcome. You are making decisions based on past situations this is a fruitless decision.

Just when you thought all was settled from the past something or some one can turn up on your doorstep. Should this be the case, when in doubt do nothing. If you know what you should do then go for it.  

You may be involved in a family drama if so and it is your problem quickly takes control.  If this is an ongoing situation it can cause you to feel stressed out to say the least. You will feel better mid week. 

Because everything in life is a lesson and you may be looking for help to guide you through this period .Look back at how far you have come since mid last year, when you do life will seem sweeter.

Mars the planet of fire is sitting opposite you in Aries and this is going to lift your spirits this next week .With this energy behind you much can be achieved. Though life can be trying at times you have the stamina to move through it with grace.

The sun in your cousin sign Pisces later in the week will soften things up a lot. Your thoughts are likely on romance and financial areas .By the end of the month life is looking better all round. Have faith in another who seems to have let you down.

Your boss Jupiter is moving backwards now .This will bring up some unfinished business for you. Be cautious in word and deed and do not put you foot in your mouth if you want to avoid further problems. On the up side positive energy will abound.

The sun soon to enter Pisces will assist you to get the job done. This next couple of weeks tries to open space to complete a long over due job or project. Along with this comes news of a cash flow improvement. You will also be lucky, so buy that lottery ticket.

You are probably feeling like a break away from work after a hectic birthday month. If you can take time to go away for a few days’ great, if not even a day away 
will refresh you. Then you will start your personal new year on a positive note. 

Jupiter will be assisting you all through the next month to help you get your life on track in what ever area it needs to be fixed. Your family is much on your mind and will be fine by the end of the month. Try to not stress too much over things. 

Happy Birthday!

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