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We can't stand the rain!

We can’t stand the rain!January 9, 2016 11:02 am· Greeting Britlings! Yes it a new year and a new name – out with the Breeps and in with the Britlings! Pacific Sunset: the calm before the storm (Photo: C Young) Okay, I know I always talk about the weather – but I simply can’t go on without saying, “Bleeding Ada!” – El Nino is on fire! (pun intended) If you’re reading this in the UK and thinking of coming to Cali for the sunshine you might as well stay at home – tt’s being peeing it down – seriously bucket loads! Our motorways have become rivers. We have mudslides – which are very dangerous. Storm watch is all over our tellies. “A cat is stuck up a tree, firefighters battle the torrential downpour, but not before taking twenty minutes to put on their waterproofs and wellies. Of course I made that headline up, but rain is serious news in LA! In the UK this is probably normal. As reported about a month back, whole towns in the northeast have been swept away. But we are in a city here, a ci…