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Meet Victoria Hoffman from Kansas City who moved to LA a million years ago (ok, over 20) to pursue this crazy dream of being a Sitcom Star!
Was there a particular reason you chose LA ?
Funny, I rather fell into it. I was doing Equity Theatre in Kansas City, and was co-starring with Eric Douglas. Yes, THAT Eric Douglas, rest his soul. He and my director, Ron Link (who LA natives will remember fondly) kept telling me New York was dead and that I needed to get to LA. That they could really help me. At that time, actually, very few television shows shot in NYC. As it happens, my Aunt & Uncle lived out here, so I decided to take a 2 week vacation and check it out. I answered an ad for a job as a Page at ABC Studios, just on a lark...and I was offered the job! So I quickly packed up my life and made the move!

What do you miss most from home?
I miss a few things. I miss how green it is. Kansas City is a beautiful, lush town. Much more cosmopolitan than you would think. The change of se…

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