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Meet Mary Cruz from West London who moved to LA 2 years ago to pursue Acting. 

Was there a particular reason you chose LA ?

There are just so many more opportunities in the US, it is so diverse and there are so many more media outlets than England. I starred in shows for the BBC, played leads in plays at the Cockpit Theatre, The Bloomsbury Theatre, The Coronet etc. I had done so many shows and so much performing in the UK that it was time to branch out into the rest of the world. Since being here I have acted in so many shows for BET, Telemundo, NBC etc. I have also done a lot of theatre at The House of God's and The Loft Ensemble Theatre. The UK's audience is limited, I have been able to embark on more exciting projects since being here. The commercials industry is also massive, I have been in commercials for Acer, Budweiser, Tecate, Narcanon etc.  

What  do you miss most from home?

Home cooking, there is nothing like mums cooking... but seriously, the public transport. It is rea…