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Meet Douglas Dewar who moved to California from England via the rest of the world in 1989!

I am most probably one of the few members in Brits in LA that has never acted (apart from the fool) or been involved in film.  I did try doing voiceovers, or should I say auditions, but that’s not what brought me to California.

I left England the first time at the end of 1972, and did what a lot of young people wanted to do, and that was to go to France, Italy, Spain and Morocco to find out what it was like to be in the sunshine (which as you know England is not known for). On returning to England “borasic lint”, I was fortunate enough to have good friends in SE London that put me up until I found a job, and a house that I shared with five young women.  For some unknown reason the landlord always wanted one male in the house, and I didn’t complain, apart from trying to take a bath with 30 pairs of knickers hanging on a line dripping water on my head.
In July 1973, I replied to an advert in the Dail…