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I am a British born Australian Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist, who has been living and working in Sydney for the last 13 years.  I very recently moved to Los Angeles (middle of June 2016) to live & work for 3 years.    Extremely experienced and fantastic with clients, my rich experience spans from live and reality television, drama, to print & motion commercial, publicity and editorial. Was there a particular reason you chose LA ? I moved to Los Angeles for a number of reasons – expansive opportunities, the amazing energy of the city, I felt the universe was kind of directing me here, to be nearer my family, the climate…but the most compelling driving force was to lift my game, to work among the very best in the industry, to grow and excel and become amongst the very best in the world.  LA is such a central hive of creative production, I really feel once you make it big here, the possibilities are endless.
What  do you miss most from home? My family! - it goes without…