A kiss on the Ewan!!!!

A little McCarrey lovin'

Ever wondered what it's like snuggling up to Scottish-born actor - Ewan McGregor?
well just ask funny MAN Jim Carrey. Recently he told an interviewer that he loved kissing Ewan McGregor in a new film 'I love you, Philip Morris'.

Said Carrey about the kiss:
“[It was] a dream come true. I mean, look at the guy. I have to say, he is a great kisser. As Ewan said, 'When you're kissing another guy, it can get a little prickly. Actually, you had to put out of your mind your own sexual preference and just try to understand that you were loving another person, who just happens to be a guy.
“It wasn't about male or female; love is love,” he added.

'Alrighty Then' think we're clear on that Jim or not!! Can you see these two doing 'Brokeback Mountain', Nah! perhaps not! - well, lets hope it's funny! 


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