Hi Guys, There is a very sneaky email scam going around that we want to make you aware of: You will receive from your friends email address - so appears VERY Legit. However it is a huge scam and I know people who have lost thousands of pounds doing this - Whatever you do - do not respond to the email as it's away of collecting your email and doing the same thing to you. Here is an example of the email:

I'm writing this sad news to you with tears dropping down from my eyes,me and my family came down to West Midlands, United Kingdom for a short vacation and got robbed at the hotel park that we lodged in.All our cash,credit card and cell were collected from us at the GUN POINT but luckily for us we still have our passports with us because is of no use to them but don't have enough money to sort the bills out so we can get out of here quickly and come home.

We've been to the embassy and also reported this to the police but they're not helping out at all and our round flight leaves soon and the hotel manager won't let us leave until we settle the bills,I'm so freaked out at the moment and wondering if you could help us with a quick loan, I promise I'll refund it once we get home.Please get back to me so i can send you the information's of where to get the money sent by western union money transfer.

Please I know this may be hard for you to do but please just get this done for me and i will never forget you because i don't know what to do right now please once just help out


<<Name of Sender>>

Be careful

The Brits in LA team.


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