We Went To the Panto...(oh no we didn't ! Oh yes we did!)

Cinderella has finally opened and we had the pleasure of attending the opening night. I invited a few of my American friends along and was met with the response "what is panto?" Growing up in Britain one assumes everyone knows what panto is. Trying to explain it is quite hard, so I have googled the definition to clear it up for all of you who are not quite sure.....

"British pantomime takes familiar fairy tales and children's stories - Cinderella, Aladdin, Dick Whittington and His Cat, Snow White - and injects a bit of music hall (British Vaudeville) sensibility, contemporary references and audience participation to create a raucous, noisy entertainment that's fun for everyone in the family." (courtesy of about.com)

The Lythgoe production lives up to that definition and more! It opens with the magical fairy godmother Jennifer Leigh Warren who has every girl under the age of 10 wide eyed and open mouthed at her beauty and requisite sparkly outfit . She is the perfect fairy godmother. It is worth going along just to hear her sing. All of the kids were given wands so they could help with all the magic spells and instructed by Buttons when they were supposed to join in, boo the Ugly Sisters and cheer for Cinderella etc. The adults in the audience looked on quite enviously  and were soon joining in, waving their imaginary wands. Cinderella and Prince Charming were absolutely perfect and as beautiful and handsome as the fairytale describes and every child could hope for . The Ugly Sisters may just have stolen the show though. Considering neither of the actors (Eddie Driscoll and Mark Edgar Stephens) have ever been to a live panto, their portrayal of the pantomime dames were absolutely spot on. They heckled the audience in true British style and the American audience reciprocated with loud boo's and hisses in all the right places. The other star of the show was the carriage, it was absolutely spectacular and truly a magical surprise when it appeared on stage.  This really is the show to see this Christmas, I am planning on going again and again! 

Get your tickets here and don't forget to quote the discount code BRITS for $10 off.  
Last nights proceeds benefited LA's Best you can learn more about this great charity here


  1. Too bad Cinde didn't know about "Doctor Who", might have been a different ending!

    Can't wait to experience this Panto, another British maverl.



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