British Students riot in London

Students fight with riot police in Westminster after a bill was passed by the coalition government which will increase university fees by up to £9000.00 per year in London December 09 2010.This is the fifth student protest in the last month with escalating violence and protests across the country. UPI/Hugo Philpott

Wow they should try paying tuition in America!!! Phew! What are your thoughts?


  1. The financial crisis we're all in HAS to be solved somehow, this is just one way to start...
    Personally I do think the fees are steep - but back in the day when I went to Uni there were far too many people there who shouldn't have been (ME being one of them). At least this will weed out those who just want a 3 year-long party and allow those truly serious about further education to get the best out of it. Those from low income families will get grants - and the rest will have years to pay back the fees...:)


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