Fancy A Cuppa?

Yorkshire Tea and Little Urn are on a mission to deliver a decent brew to Brits Abroad. Do you have someone you think deserves a decent cuppa? Nominate them here .
Here is a message from the Yorkshire Tea-m

Hello from Yorkshire Tea. To all those of you who couldn’t start the day without one, always brew one when trouble’s afoot and miss a proper one when away from home, we’re here for you! This week a small team from Yorkshire Tea landed in Santa Monica with a simple plan, bring a proper brew to Brits abroad. Why? Well, on top of everyone who’s asked us to come visit, there’s some pretty hard water about which really affects the taste of your tea. Given we make a blend just for hard water it was time to do something about this, so here we are.

To help us, we’ve shipped out Little Urn, or Urnie as he’s known, our converted ice cream van come tea-sampling unit. Over the coming weeks Little Urn and his brew crew will be serving up as much free tea as they can muster to as many Brits as can be found. Travelling from Santa Monica to Vegas, San Fran and back you can keep up with Little Urn at We’ll also be letting everyone know where and when Little Urn is due to stop for a tea party, so, if you can make it we’d love to see you for a cuppa.

All the best,

Yorkshire Tea Brew Crew


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