Gandalf's back, Alright!!!

Thanks to good agents and managers, (Shout out to Louisa Spring) . last year I, along with quite a few other Brits in LA had the good fortune of auditioning for "The Hobbit" However, none of my friends, nor I booked it. This doesn't stop me from being super excited about it though. And now for really big news --
On the heels of Elijah Wood's recent deal to reprise his "Lord of the Rings" role as Frodo, Deadline New York reports that Andy Serkis has signed on to once again play Gollum in the two "Hobbit" films. What's more, it's looking like Ian McKellen is poised to reprise the part of Gandalf in what's being called "a major role" in the new films.

McKellen, Serkis and their cohorts, it seems, won't be the only "LOTR" faces to pop up in "The Hobbit." Cate Blanchett has already signed on to play Galadriel, Christopher Lee is in talks for Saruman, and Ian Holm is in talks for the elder Bilbo Baggins, whose younger version will be played by Martin Freeman. There's no word yet if Orlando Bloom, who portrayed Legolas in "LOTR," will return for the new project.
"The Hobbit" is set to begin shooting in 3-D in New Zealand in February —And probably aiming for a Christmas release. No doubt The hobbit's going to be huge!!!! - (Pun Intended) - CY


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