What to do if you are arrested in LA?

Contact the British Embassy at their website for info. :http://ukinusa.fco.gov.uk under 'HOW WE CAN HELP' and a local 'list of lawyers'.

Any person who was detained and given a further court date should get in touch with a lawyer.  A lawyer can appear for a defendant and enter a plea for any straightforward cases ie. DUI/misdemeanour.  They will have to pay lawyer fees and a fine if necessary, which the lawyer can take care of.

If the person is contesting the charges then they would have to appear to go to trial.
All in all it's a very expensive process, I know people who have spent up to 20,000k for a DUI.
This info is mainly for Britons on a standard tourist visa. Does anyone know what happens if you are a permanent resident?
Share your advice and stories with us. - CY


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