Your healthy dish for the week-Hearty Miso Soup with noodles

Every week you will find me here with a new easy, quick, and healthy recipe you can whip up. I am not a chef by trade, just a busy working mum that wants to share her healthy eating habits. Here's a comforting thought, I'm blonde, so if I can do it, anyone can.
The recipes that I will post are all vegan (no meat or dairy to include cheese, butter and eggs) or fish healthy options. I hope to inspire you to bring in at least one of these options weekly. As we move along and you see how easy it is to be really healthy, you might add more. I choose to live 100% this way for my health and vitality. I don't believe in diets. My husband has eaten this way for over a year now and has lost 35 pounds. It's not about weight loss it's about being healthful and happy.
Now, here's that recipe. Feel free to pop any suggestions or questions over my way.
A healthy week to you!
6 cups water + 6 teaspoons of veggie bouillon
3 tbsp miso paste (wholefoods do a great low sodium one or get the yellow one)
1 block of extra firm tofu diced into small cubes
2 packages of udon noodles
1 cup of sliced mushrooms-shitake or crimini/white
2 sheets of nori seaweed cut small (cut with kitchen food scissors)
1 tsp braggs liquid aminos
Heat broth and put in all ingredients except miso and seaweed. Simmer for 5 minutes-be careful not to let it boil as this will make it curdle and destroy healthy bacteria. Stir in the miso, added seaweed and cook on low heat for 5 minutes.


  1. Shit-ache Mushrooms? You don't want that in soup do ya? -JK - Awesome Claire - This sounds delicious and what do you suggest if you don't like tofu - is their something else we can substitute it for?

  2. Steak is a good option!

  3. This sounds amazing! Cheap, simple and healthy! I can't wait to try it out . I have some miso in the fridge but I never know how much to use

  4. If you want to substitute and put some protein in the tofu's place, then there is also meatless steak found at TJs or WFds or just have as is without the tofu. Lightlife do a steak style strip for example which has 14g protein per serving. Bon ap!
    MISO'S NUTRIENTS-Because it is fermented with a B12-synthesizing bacteria, miso has been commonly recommended as a B12 source for vegans. Miso is quite high in sodium (1 ounce contains 52% of the recommended daily value for sodium), but a little miso goes a long way towards providing your daily needs for the trace minerals zinc, manganese, and copper. In addition, a single tablespoon of miso contains 2 grams of protein for just 25 calories. An impressive nutrient profile for a flavoring agent! Use miso in your cooking instead of plain old salt and reap a variety of benefits in addition to enhanced flavor. (taken from

  5. I will post a miso salad dressing soon then:)

  6. Will you post a recipe on a future post telling me how I can make quinoa tasty?


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