The Winning Team "The King Speak" on the red carpet

Hollywood, CA >> At Brits in LA's 4th annual TOSCARS sponsored by Volkswagen of Santa Monica, "The King's Speak" swept up, winning a resounding 5 out of 9 awards. As well as taking home top honors, Nicholas Hosking took the award for Best Whactor, Ewan Chung, the team's group Leader nabbed the best Supporting Whactor award and in a genderbending upset, Rick Garcia's portrayal as Wallis Simpson won for Best Supporting Whactress. The company Framepool sponsored The best Cinema'tos'graphy and awarded 'The King Speak' with their 5th award.

Nicholas Hosking was emotion upon his win for
Best Whactor
Ewan Chung excepted his award in Chinese
Rick Garcia was fabulous as Wallis Simpson making
it 3 acting awards for "The King Speak"

The awards hosted by the divine Candis Cayne screened at Sunset 5's Laemmle Theatre in Hollywood followed shortly by an awards ceremony and afterparty at Michael Mina's restaurant XIV

Our Mistress of Ceremonies, Candis Cayne
The Toscars screened at Theatre 1 at the Laemmle Sunset 5
Other award winners were Sarah Farooqui as Best Whactress for her version of Barbi in "Joy Story IIV". "127 Devours" took home the award for Best Poster Design (Sponsored by Weidman Gallery) Best Outfits award was chosen by Candis Cayne and given to the campy "True Glitz" and finally the award for Best Tunes was Chosen by Brits in LA member, Musician and drummer to the stars, Steve Sidelnyk which went to Chris Livingstone for "The Arsebook movie" who composed all the music himself and also wrote an orignal song called "Freep" A parody of the Radiohead song "Creep."

The coveted Golden fists
Sarah Farooqui gets a hand for her Barbi in "Joy Story IIV"
Candis Cayne delivers Paul Sinclair the award for Best
Costumes for "True Glitz" 
Chris Livingstone picks up his Golden Orbs for
"The Arsebook Book Movie" 
After the awards the party raged on till 2am the next morning, with dancing and drinks.
All pictures courtesey of Walter Taboyoyong.

Photos courtesy of http://waltertab.com/


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