Newsletter Feb 21st, 2011

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Hi Breeps,

Happy Presidents day!

I have my interview for my U.S. Citizenship this Thursday, and have to study a hundred questions to do with history of America, Dead Presidents and all that  - Some of my faves, Washington the first president, Lincoln for the setting the stage for equality,  Clinton for his under the desk shannigans and Obama for the continuing growth and change of this country we choose to live in. God save the Queen and God Bless America!

Let us know which parody you're most excited to see. Below are Mine and Eileen's movies.

127 DEVOURS - Parody of 127 Hours

 So, everyone is under the gun this week with TOSCARS Fever reaching it’s peak – oh the drama, the trials, the tribulations, the bonding, the fall outs – will all come to a head this Thursday when all films go Mano y Mano at the Laemmle Sunset 5 – This event SOLD OUT in less than a day – So if you didn’t get tickets this year – we promise we’ll get a bigger theatre next year. Thank you to all that have participated this year – we hope you had fun. We are excited to announce that CANDIS CAYNE will be our Mistress of Ceremonies for the night.

It’s Oscar week – Good luck to all the Brits nominated. – Darren is off to Elton John’s party and needs a driver – “I'm looking for a driver for Oscar Sunday (I have the car) - would rather keep it in the family than pay someone else.... Anyone interested in earning bit of extra cash to get in touch.” “

Happy Birthday to Brit in LA members, James McCourt, Jenny Éloïse Rieu, Fiona Domenica Puglia, Sophie Olivia, Met Salih, Phil Trowler, Amy Shiels, Catherine Scott, Eoin Macken, James Welby, Emily Tonkin, Kate Zenna, Ben Hawkins, Matthew Brenher

Breakfast Club on Tuesday, RSVP here

If you are looking to lease or buy a car but are having trouble getting the credit to do so, look no further. Mike Sullivan’s Volkswagen Santa Monica are able to offer the Foreign Business Professionals Plan. Speak to Joe Seymour over at the showroom and he will go through all the details with you. Call him on 310 266 8825 or email him at . If you choose to lease you may also be eligible to write off some of the cost on your taxes. Speak to your tax advisor to find out more.

Check out The Anglo Files? The official Brits in LA blog! It’s not just me and Eileen writing, as we now have 2 more additions. Claire Farwell and Fiona Haines Claire shares her recipes with us in “Eatwell with Farwell” , while Fiona writes “Across the Pond”. Make sure to check them out!

I’m from Nottingham, not many people know that, but I’m pleased to hear a Notts brewed beer has made it stateside – I have to try it -

Brit o’sport
Our footie team the Blaggers won 8-0 on Saturday – Shaping up nicely lads! Well done.

Boxing Match: Thinking this might be our next BLA Event

Brit o’ Culture

BLA member David French is in part of an art show at the Torrance Art Museum called 'What's New Pussycat' which features work by artists such as Bruce Nauman, Ed Ruscha, Paul McCarthy and Larry Bell as well as emerging California Artists. Check out David’s work here.

Banksy’s at it again -

Brit film

The critically acclaimed British romance film "FORGET ME NOT" premieres in Los Angeles on March 4, for a special one week theatrical engagement at the Culver Plaza Theatres.
Love happens. When you least expect it.... Whilst struggling to cope with a tragic secret, Will saves Eve from a drunken customer at closing time and their paths become inextricably linked. Intrigued by one another, they journey through London, not knowing what the night holds or what the day may bring. As dawn turns to light and the two draw ever closer, can Will reveal the truth to Eve?
The film is directed by Alexander Holt and Lance Roehrig.  It stars Tobias Menzies ("Casino Royale"), Genevieve O'Reilly ("The Matrix Reloaded"), and Gemma Jones ("Bridget Jones's Diary").
The Culver Plaza Theatres is located at 9919 Washington Blvd. in the city of Culver City.  Showtime information is available at
Official film site:

Faith needs help her with the shooting of PUMPS FOR PUPS. It is a charity for Dogs Without Borders. Contact Faith at
The debut opens the end of the summer 2011, at the Rebecca Moneyham Gallery on Robertson
A Day in My Shoes with my best friend, AKA "Pumps and Pups" animal shelter. The shooting will begin on Feb 23/24!   I am looking for 20 amazing women and men to participate in this project.

Need a job?
Our good friend Teri was involved a serious car accident last November; She shattered her arm, but is healing. She is looking for someone to drive her to physical therapy & do errands part of every day or 5 days a week. This is a paid position. You need to be patient, caring and a good driver with a clean license. Contact Teri at

Internship - Executive Producer’s Assistant
Compensation Options:
1. Three Month College Credit Internship that could lead to paid contract, to be negotiated based on relevant skills and experience.
2. One Month Unpaid Internship that could lead to paid contract, to be negotiated based on relevant skills and experience. Contact Louise at

Brit of a laugh!
Keiron Elliot has a huge stand up gig on Wednesday and use all the support he can get at comedy agent showcase and they take audience size and reaction into account so this could land him an agent! As far as I know he’s the only standup comedian in LA who performs in a kilt and tells America where they’re going wrong. And that in it's self is worth the $15 far less the fifteen (or more) other comedians on the bill... so it's a buck a comedian! Drop him a line if you'd like a ticket

Brit music
Eye candy Twins and Paul Oakenfold together -

Purple melon

Brits in LA Faves

Brit Rock band PURPLE MELON on Thursday, February 24th where they begin their residency at the legendary Roxy Theatre in West Hollywood. Influenced by quintessential English rock ‘n’ roll including The Kinks and The Faces,
Within the last 6 months in Los Angeles, the band has been featured on AOL Sessions, MTV’s “The Hills,”  Simon Fuller’s “If I Can Dream” show, and LA’s  “KTLA Morning Show” while they are gearing up to release their debut full length record.  In their highly anticipated record, they deliver a masterful record of catchy and smart English Rock ‘n’ Roll which was recorded analog live to 2-inch tape over an 8 month span outside and produced by Paul Stacey (Black Crowes, Oasis). 

Thursday, February 24th WHERE: Roxy Theatre 
9009 W Sunset Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90069 
Ticket Info: Online at:
To order over phone call 310-278-9457

Brit stage
"Joshua's Tree" by Paul Barry
A FREE play reading
Fri 25th Feb. 7pm. The AIDA Theatre
6444 santa monica blvd Hollywood, CA

"Budding science journalist, Tom Handler, is sent to interview Charles K. Johnson, 'President of the International Flat-Earth Research Society', and their dialogue to divine the true shape of the world quickly becomes a much deeper excavation of the men's own pasts." Invite anyone you think would appreciate an intelligent and heartfelt story. (Event: )

 “The Author” runs through to the 27th Feb at Kirk Douglas Theatre by British playwright Tim Crouch

Me, As A Penguin, L-R - (Me and Johnny Giacolone)
Last two weekends of 'ME AS A PENGUIN'– No Play Oscar Sunday. The show just received a glowing review from the LA Times – which you can read here for tickets -

Advertisements and Offers

As an agent / producer Paul Duddridge represented some of the biggest names in the UK, he also produced shows for BBC and ITV. His Hollywood clients are actors, directors, writers and producers, all seeking one to one practical guidance on succeeding in entertainment. First consultation is free. .

Feeling pasty? You need to see Karen May. Still offering discounts to us for a custom airbrushed spray tan. $150 at most places but we pay only $45!! 1805 587 4678

LOOKING FOR A NEW HOME? Only 20% down payment required on a $2,500,000 purchase price. Call for details; let us find you a new home within 30 days or less. Claudia Kohn is a British Realtor working with Coldwell Banker in Beverly Hills. The combination of low rates, good property values and flexible underwriting makes it a great time for my clients to move up to their dream She covers all of the Westside from Hollywood to Malibu in PURCHASES, SALES & RENTALS. Please call or email if you have any questions or would just like to discuss your options.” I look forward to hearing from you". 310.859.5341

Need immigration advice? Thinking about moving here? Talk to one of 3 lawyers below. All offer free consultations!

Joe Adams; Ready to work? We are a specialized immigration and entertainment law firm working extensively with the British community here in the U.S. and back in the U.K. to obtain work visas. We have a 100% success rate. We are professional, highly responsive and flexible on payments. Email and we would be happy to set up a free consultation.

Gil Brito has helped many of our members with the greencard process. He can be reached at or call 305.860.4050 If you are overseas he can also be reached by Skype gil_r_brito_esq

Bernard Sidman is a fellow Brit in LA and has helped many other Brits in LA with the immigration process and has a high success rate. You can reach him on 818 981 0352 or Email

HEALTH insurance and financial advice. Confused? Talk to Brits in LA member Adam Beach for further details on 310 773 7939.


GALVIN BENJAMIN - New Brit run Salon is offering BRITS IN LA members 50% off To get a quote for coloring, Brazilian blow outs or cuts, please email The salon isn't open yet, so you can either go to their house or they will come to you! 'Like' their facebook page too, so you can be notified when the salon is opening and get an invite!

Get your website sorted out now! BLA member and website designer Paul Terry is currently working on ours. He has designed a great site for Seal too, so you know you are in good hands. Check out his work. We have found him to be extremely helpful and patient with us. So feel free to contact him with your needs.

If you have used any of our recommendations we would love your feedback. Email us at

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Hope to see lots of you at Breakfast Club on Tuesday




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