Brits in LA would like to introduce our latest contributor - Chad Mouton - a certified Fitness Expert from Remix Fitness. Each week, he is going to show us in a few easy steps how we can get our bodies ready for the beach this Summer.

Chad Moutin, The Brits in LA Fitness Expert.

Before you embark on any journey, especially one into the complex and often confusing world of health, fitness and weight-loss, there are two things you need to know. Where you are, and where you are headed.

Discovering, learning, and accepting where you are mentally, physically and spiritually is a challenging and transformational part of the human experience. But before I get too deep, too soon, here is a simple system I’ve created to help my clients begin to understand who and where they are.

To make things easy, I typically classify an individual’s general health and fitness as one of three types. And while it may seem a little cut and dried, 99% of us fit into one of the following three categories:

1. I have never been healthy and fit.
2. I have always been healthy and fit.
3. I was once healthy and fit and am no longer so.

Regardless of which group you identify yourself with, it is going to take a cohesive combination of Desire, Focus, Determination and Commitment to reach and maintain your health and fitness goals.

Let’s start with those of you who consider yourself a Type 1.
After years of failed attempts, crash diets, fitness fads and gimmicks, you might be thinking that reaching your health and fitness goals are a lost cause. Just because you haven’t been successful in the past, doesn’t mean you are destined to fail. From my point of view, it means that you haven’t failed at all; rather, you simply have yet to discover and execute your unique strategy for success. This is where I come in.

Your unique strategy for success must be anchored by an ignited/reignited Desire and willingness to take action to make things different, as opposed to just wishing they were different. Seeking out the advice of a qualified expert with whom to formulate a plan that consists of multiple action-based, short-term attainable goals is a critical first step. It may sound clichéd’, but “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

With a new plan and your attention and Focus firmly on your action-based goals, you will start making progress, and begin to feel the surge that I refer to as “Internal Momentum.” With this new approach you will begin to feel more determined, more focused, and more effective in your daily life. defines Determination as the quality of being resolute with firmness of purpose. It is a wonderful expression of the power of the human will, and is the precursor to Commitment.

Staying truly committed to ambitious goals can be incredibly challenging, but by remaining mindful of your decision to create lasting change in your life and by recognizing the progress you are making daily, you will be able to avoid the many pitfalls that distracted you in the past. You have to know that you can -and will be-successful!

I’ll get to all you Type 2s and 3s in my next post. In the mean time please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments and suggestions as I am looking forward to collaborating with you. If you haven’t already, check out my official website and follow me on twitter @chadmouton.

Be well,

Chadwick Mouton


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