Polenta Pizzas, Steamed Greens & Vegan Sausage Scramble

Hello again! Here's a little something I came up with to jazz up polenta. Much like tofu, polenta needs a makeover, so what better way to eat them than as mini pizzas dotted with sundried tomato pesto and sprinkled with cheese? Serve them with steamed greens and a sausage scramble for a tasty meal that's ready in minutes!

1 roll of polenta
1 packet of vegan grated cheese
Sundried tomato pesto
Bunch of kale or similar
2 cups of brussel sprouts
1 tbsp Flax seed oil
1/2 onion chopped finely
2 vegan sausages such as Tofurky
Oil spray such as Spectrum High Heat Sunflower Spray
Pepper and kale salt to season

1. Heat the non stick grill pan on medium heat for 5 minutes.
2. Cut the polenta up into circles-1/2 inch width approx.
3. Spray pan with cooking spray and grill polenta about 5 minutes each side.
4. Grill onion and vegan sausage with a tbsp of sundried tomato pesto and put to the side.
5. Steam kale and brussels approx 5 minutes, add some flax seed oil and kale salt and pepper to season and put to the side.
6. With a teaspoon, paste the polenta surface with sundried tomato pesto and sprinkle with cheese. Broil until cheese turns golden or you just can't wait anymore:)

Serves 2-4 (I mean, how hungry are you?)

Enjoy and see you next week! I am off to Miami and look forward to checking out vegan fare over that way. Have a healthy week!


  1. Yummy!!! Kudos for such a great blog. See you in Miami


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