Felix and Maja from 'The Sounds' get down and dirty at The Avalon, Hollywood
'D'rain, D'rain' were in town for Kimmel live and their recent collaboration with David lynch at the The Mayan, downtown LA

So, one of the things I like most about LA is that you can discover  and get to see to legendary music acts all in the same week. And through out the spring and Summer months at the back of the El Capitan theatre, Jimmy Kimmel is hosting a series of mini concerts with his musical guests for free. I went twice last week, and saw The Sounds, (see below) and was lucky to catch the legendary Duran Duran (in the rain - Simon made a cheesey reference to changing their name to D'rain D'rain - Stick to the singing Simon! ;-) ) They sounded terrific a mix of new and old songs, the full set included "Girl Panic," "Ordinary World" and "A View To A Kill." "Notorious" and The featured song on the broadcast was the title track from the new album: "All you need is now" see below for the live performance.

My good friend, and music PR Maverick, Mel Brown turned me on to the next band, The sounds, who are now on their fourth album, Something to die for (released: Mar 29) (Where have I been?) , From Sweden they've been together for 13 years made up of Band members Jesper Anderberg and Felix Rodriguez and front woman Maja Ivarsson. I saw a PG version at Kimmel, but the next night Eileen, James and I went to see the full show at the Avalon, in Hollywood. Wow! The energy and sexuality flying off stage. The guys play a plethora off instruments, from guitar, synth, bass, moving around the stage as if they were a 10 piece band.

Their musical style has been compared to New Wave bands such as Blondie, The Cars, and Missing Persons. No doubt the comparison is not only based on their musical style, but also the fact that Maja is a slender attractive blonde. Picture Madonna's and Billy Idol's love-child. Gyrating better than Mick Jagger in his heyday. Beer in one hand and cigarette in the other, she is pure rebel. On the very last song Maja got a bit carried away with the energy of the crowd and invited everyone to break thru the security barriers and join her on stage, I loved it, very rock n' roll but much to the dismay of the security. Their tunes are full of electro pop energetic choruses, that after one listen you can't help but sing-a-long. Highly recommend. - Tracks to listen to: To Die For, Dance With The Devil and Better off Dead. - Craig Young


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