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What a week it's been...
Great Britain truly came together as a nation on Friday in celebration of the wedding of the century and now news has reached us all regarding the assassination of one of the most despised men of the century, at the hands of Navy Seals. Emotional roller coaster is an understatement.
This week however, I wish to concentrate on the event that's got us all talking (and romanticising...)

I have never considered myself a royalist per se, but I suppose I have been a supporter of William and Harry, like many of us, since they lost their mother in such a public manner in 1997. Their maturity has always been astounding to me, and I don't mind admitting that I have followed their progress with both interest and respect. The wedding was obviously exciting news, but I can't say I really paid much attention to the hoopla in the run-up to the big day. But on the morning of the 30th April, as I watched the crowds lined up along the streets of London, the sheer enormity of people's enthusiasm became clear. I couldn't tear myself away from the TV - not wanting to miss a thing! Seeing Kate step out of that car, and onto the red carpet rolled out in front of the glorious Westminster Abbey took my breath away. We all know what a beauty she is, but there was something very special about the way she looked - something so magical and altogether timeless - and with a smile on her face that could only have come from a woman truly in Love. Watching her walk up the aisle to the dramatic sound of Edward VII's Coronation Anthem was a sight to behold, and the surprising lump in my throat stayed there until they had finished their vows (with a few tears for good measure). My reaction to the whole affair was a shock - should I now consider myself a Royalist? - or how about 'Royal supporter'? I am behind this 'new royal way' - which is taking a far more down to earth and genuine approach. Or at least that's how it seems. I guess we'll have to wait and see won't we?

After winning big at this years Olivier Awards, Thea Sharrock is likely to win more applause with her directorial contribution to yet another Terrance Rattigan play, this time 'Cause Celebre', which is currently showing at The Old Vic. Niamh Cusack and Anne-Marie-Duff star in Rattigan's final play - produced in 1977, the year of his death - based on the true story of Alma Rattenbury, who went on trial with her 18 year old lover for the murder of her husband. With reviewers calling Duff's performance 'electrifying' - this is a must-see!
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I recently received a whisper in my ear with a strong recommendation to get involved with 'Secret Cinema' - which has been running all spring. Their tagline is "Secret audience, secret locations, secret worlds" and with 60,000 members, it's obviously worth signing up! Each month, a film is screened in an undisclosed location, transporting people into what some say is a 'surreal reality'. Sounds wonderfully intriguing to me.
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Restaurant of the week: I have to admit I had have never sampled Georgian food, but I kept hearing about this fabulous little dining experience in Maida Vale that I should be visiting immediately, apparently. 'Tamada' is being touted about town as a firm favourite for fresh, simple and delicious dishes including divine Khinkali (dumplings) and Khachipuri (freshly baked bread with cheese) - the trademark you simply must sample - and heavenly aubergines with walnuts and beans, as well as countless other vegetarian dishes. I am now officially addicted to Georgian cuisine!
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