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"It is said only the rich and famous can afford a gagging order. But only the rich and famous ever need one," - words uttered by Jeremy Clarkson this morning as he sped away from his multi-million pound home in the Cotswolds after allegedly moving out amidst reports of an extra marital affair - information that may not have come to light had it not been for recent internet rumours surrounding the need for public figures to hide behind these 'super injunctions' - with Jeremy and Jemima Khan's alleged 'affair cover-up' reaching the headlines after information regarding various other public figures was leaked. Jemima has vehemently denied the rumours and spoke of her 'nightmare' as a result of all the gossip. (Poor little lamb).
Twitter stood at the forefront of the rumour mill after some of its users published information supposedly protected by these so-called gagging orders - resulting in it's busiest ever day of recorded traffic in the UK last Monday. As if we need any further confirmation of the public's rabid interest in unearthing the secrets of rich, pompous and over pampered celebrities - especially those desperate to cover their less than well behaved tracks.
So - should these offending tweets be removed by the company? According to their rulebook, tweeting or re-tweeting information protected by an injuncton is considered a breach of the law - however their silence on the matter continues, which will surely only add to the interest, exposure and attention given to these 'secrets' and the social networking site itself of course. Twitter has made a very clever and well thought out move here - and by simply staying silent they are opening up a wealth of speculation and discussion on a matter that does perhaps need some serious re-thinking. The ever continuing question remains: How much privacy can a public figure really expect? Should their bad behaviour be made public, or should their wealth afford them the kind of legal protection that allows them to lie, cheat and trick their way into the limelight without any consequences?
The debate continues....

Never mind festivals, how about a FEASTival! The Princes Trust and The Jamie Oliver Foundation are coming together to create the 'first boutique festival of first-class food and top notch live music'. The concept is to have a big village fete style gathering right in the middle of the city of London. The idea is to have great food in the sun whilst listening to amazing music, with safety for the kids and unlimited wine and beer if you purchase a VIP ticket (not sure how the kids are going to work when combined with your unlimited wine and beer, but hey ho...)
It sounds great to me - an idea that we haven't really seen before in the wide choice of summer festivals in the UK. That Mr. Oliver just keeps on churning out the great ideas doesn't he?
For info on Feastival:

From Friday 20th May, you can see for yourself the combination of traditional Saville Row techniques alongside the forward thinking genius of Tommy Nutter himself - a British institution who dressed the likes of Elton John and Mick Jagger and most famously, 3 of the 4 Beatles on the Abbey Road cover. Explore his work 'in the social and historical context of the late 60's to the early 90's'.
For more info on the exhibition "Rebel on the Row":

Restaurant of the week: "Les Trois Garcons" - an oldie, but a goodie. I remember being taken here for my birthday many years ago and ending up in the apartment upstairs, owned by one of the 3 "Garcons" and an experience I shall never forget. With vintage bags hanging like chandeliers from the ceiling and one of the largest beds I have ever seen in my life, it's reflective of the restaurant decor a floor below. With Taxidermy featuring heavily, their avant-garde and over-the-top style is evident everywhere you turn, but the food in itself is as sumptuous as the opulence surrounding you. With Foie Gras and Carpaccio of Vension featuring on the starter menu, followed by such delights as Bouilliabaisse and Chateaubriand - it's a gastronomic trip to France for each and every guest. I love it here - and the guys are amazing - characters who really do live and love their restaurant/home. If you haven't paid a visit since it opened over 10 years ago - make sure you do asap!
For more info on Les Trois Garcons:


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