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This is for all you Type 3s, who were once in shape, but have lost it somehow.

Luckily, Type 3s can typically channel into their athletic history, reconnect with psychological and physical conditioning experiences from the past, and have an easier time reigniting their Desire, finding their Focus, and strengthening their Determination and Commitment.

I take my type 3 clients back, in order to help them go forward. By simply asking them what they were doing differently the last time they felt healthy and fit, and by comparing that with the decisions they have made since, we can find out all we need to know about what its going to take to get back to that place. While you may have forgotten about high school football or track practice, your muscles haven’t.  And that is why Type 3s can make the most progress in a shortest period of time.  And, while I am not telling you that all Type 3s have it easy, I am telling you that the majority of the tools are in place.  You just need to Desire a goal, Focus on your plan, and remain Determined and Committed to using them the way you once did.

And if you don’t have a trainer, go online search out and join a city recreation league soccer, basketball or softball team.  You would be shocked at how reconnecting with the athlete inside you can help you rededicate yourself to a healthy and active lifestyle. Remember, it is easier to  “stay ready” than to “get ready.” Make space in your life for the things you always enjoyed, and the activities that always served you.

After reading the paragraphs above, I hope that you learned more about who you are, where you are, what it is going to take to reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. It is where we go from here that matters. This is only the beginning!  Stay tuned for my next post, "The Perfect Plan," where I will share and breakdown the most effective strategies for getting or staying in shape.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments and suggestions as I am looking forward to collaborating with you all.  For more information on me, check out my website and follow me on twitter @chadmouton.

Be well,

Chadwick Mouton
Health and Fitness Expert


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