Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese science of achieving harmony and balance in any given space by the placement of certain objects. Whether it is a room, home, office, building or landscape, “placement” affects the flow of energy (how you feel) in your environment. This flow can be positive or negative.

Feng Shui is everywhere and it affects everyone, this is because our environment affects us. And, because everything in our universe is made of energy, our environment must work together to create a sense of positive flow of the energy – just like nature. When nature is “in balance”, there is harmony, prosperity and growth, when nature is “out of balance,” there is disruption that can lead to natural disasters.

This is why you will continuously hear balance, flow, harmony and prosperity when it comes to Feng Shui. It’s all about your surroundings and how they are affecting your overall wellbeing.

Interior Decorating and Design is about creating a lovely environment. However, it must flow. . .we’ve all experienced a gorgeously decorated space yet felt uncomfortable finding ourselves looking for the nearest exit. And, while there are situations that require walls to be knocked down, rooms to be added on and a serious shopping frenzy – all this may not be needed or to the degree you think it is needed. This is why REDECORATING should be an important part of the overall mix.

I find REDECORATING both interesting and fun because the majority already own what they need – they just get stuck in a rut, bored, uninspired and attached to their layout – all of this is stale energy.

REDECORATING is just as pleasing, lovely and rewarding – both aesthetically and financially. You’ll be surprised how your furnishings take on a completely new look and feel, bringing new life to you and your space! And, then you can prioritize the purchases you really need, want and love – no more space fillers of things you like “just ok.”

I have found hidden treasures stored away in cabinets like vases, bowls and accessories that add the right touch of color and vibration to a space or help create a new vignette with existing items in the room. Artwork can be misplaced and hung improperly causing it to loose color, vibrancy and its story. A piece of furniture may be pointing the wrong direction closing down a space thus, shutting down a room. There may be too many wood accessories combined with metal items or water items combined with fire items.

That piece of art in the hallway may better serve you in the Living Room.

Changing the function of a room can create an entire new home. You know that formal dinning room you never use? It could become a lovely sitting room for your personal escape or maybe a functional office.

The point is, there are many variables that go into any given space that can create balance as well as offset balance. And, there are many approaches to decorating and designing a space. Your goal should be to maintain a healthy environment that not only makes you happy but makes you feel happy – affecting your overall wellbeing.

Think about REDECORATING your space first before you go do anything major and costly. Wait before you start “buying,” “replacing” and “removing” items to “fix it.” Whether you know what the problem is or not, the solution may be just as fun and a lot simpler than you think!


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