Feng Shui, Relationships & Laundry?


Doesn’t it makes you smile from the inside out?!

It’s called “Giraffe’s Making Love,” my friend painted it in her Intuitive Painting class. When she showed it to me, I instantly fell in LOVE and had to have it!

If you are wondering what’s an Intuitive Painting class. . .it’s where students are inspired to discover their own creative voice, while reducing self-criticism and increasing their creative flow. Because this class is about loving oneself to enhance their own creative expression in life – it inspired me to talk about Feng Shui and Relationships.

According to the Bagua Map, the Relationship Area of your home is the far right corner from your front door (this is also the same location for a single room).

In my home, my Relationship Area just happens to be my laundry room – EEK! A room where I clean my dirty clothes and the home of my cat’s litter box. . .hmmm. . .not ideal! SO, I had to make a few adjustments in order to keep this room’s energy positive, circulating, and constantly calling in while maintaining, my healthy relationships:

• I potted two plants that sit on my window sill and hung a plant from the ceiling. While decorating in “pairs” is key for the Relationship Area, I intuitively felt I needed one more plant to help increase the air quality and remove toxic air emissions.

• To remind me of LOVE, I hung this retro style movie poster of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, one of my all time favorite movies. Sensual and Romantic art is great to enhance the energy in the Relationship Area. However, art with “people” as the subject should represent/feature a couple versus a single woman or a single man. . .unless you want to become or remain single.

• The colors in the GIRAFFES MAKING LOVE painting above are GREAT colors for the Relationship Area! Color lifts vibration and moves energy. Use red, pink and white color schemes to decorate/enhance this area.

• I keep everything very clean and organized – not only does this make me feel better, but this area represents “all” my relationships. I want continuous flow and the sharing of positive energy with my loved ones, my community and my peers.

YOU can use these tips to start the groundwork for your Relationship Area too. If you need special attention in “a” or “many” of your relationships – then focus on this area in every room of your home. Use the Bagua Map to locate each room’s Relationship Area. You can do energy lifting enhancements like decorate with peony flowers, crystals or a red candle.

Every room has its own personality and energy floating through it, so, if something feels off, it is off.

One last thing! Remember, creating positive flow and energy in your space is only part of keeping your life healthy and balanced. . .do your best to “be” the type of person you want to attract into your life. ♥

If you are interested in learning more about Intuitive Painting, please click here.


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